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By Ethel Rudicil, Published 12/13/2018

2012 proved to be an interesting year, no doubt! Facebook became a thing, and well, everyone thought the world was going to end. But in the midst of exploding social media and archaic calendar prophecies, something new unfolded in the little Midwest town of Richmond, Indiana.

Houston Manufacturing and Design acquired a small business called Fresh Air Screens. This acquisition opened the door to allow customers all over the United States to purchase their Fresh Air Screen factory direct. With this new option, Fresh Air Screens invited their customers to make their garages, porches, and patios become something more for a lot less.

In the beginning of 2018, Houston Manufacturing and Design, along with Fresh Air Screens came under new ownership and management. With the expertise that Diana Anderson brings to the table, along with a fresh, new vision, our customers can expect even more with their screens.

“It’s a wonderful product made here in the USA.” Diana said, emphasizing her personal pride in American quality. “If anyone wants to make their garage a multipurpose room, we can make that happen with these wonderful Fresh Air Screens.”But there was something more she wanted to include in the business besides just a quality product that she knows works. “We are excited to expand and grow our Fresh Air Screen Department. We are excited to see God use this product to enhance someone’s home.”

It was her personal values – and that is what sets Fresh Air Screens apart from other businesses in the industry.

Adding her personal values to the company is helping to shape it into something it wasn’t before. It’s not just about a business with a product, it’s becoming a business with character, family values, and a new standard that the employees and customers can come to expect and cherish.How is Diana’s vision becoming realized in the company?

She is starting with the basics and including those values into the very foundation of the company. Fresh Air Screens has poured this fresh perspective into the integrity of the products, and now Diana is working it into other aspects of the business. With a new website that allows Fresh Air Screens to share the growth and development with its customers, she is showing how these values have a real impact in business. It also enhances the services we provide to our customers whom we value and appreciate, by raising the bar in the care we bring.

So, come back and get to know us better. We would love for you to be a part of our journey!