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Published 01/29/2019

fresh air screens logoFresh Air Screens, Inc. is a family business in every way. Not only is Fresh Air Screens, Inc. owned by a family, the corporation has a family of its own. Let me introduce you to its parent company, Houston Manufacturing and Design.

Houston Manufacturing and Design, Inc. was started in 1981, and acquired Fresh Air Screens, Inc. in 2012. You might find that Houston Manufacturing and Design sounds familiar. It should, because there is some cool information about it on our About Us page. Mostly, that page tells about why Houston Manufacturing and Design, Inc. is so important to Fresh Air Screens, Inc. Without the textile expertise, we would not be able to offer such high-standard quality for our screens. Houston Manufacturing and Design has 37 years of textile production experience.

Diana, who now owns Houston Manufacturing and Design and Fresh Air Screens, grew up with Houston Manufacturing and Design, as the company has been with her family from the beginning. “Some of my earliest memories happened at Houston Manufacturing,” Diana recollected. “Back then, our sewing machines did not have automatic stops. I remember one time I was allowed to cut off ticks for airline pillows when they were done being sewn. I was about 6, so I was still small enough to sit on the table and my feet wouldn’t touch the floor.”

The memory still makes her laugh, as she remembers how special that experience made her feel at that age. Several years later, Diana is still here, taking pride in the work she does for the company. Now that’s a great beginning to a great career!

The best part of life is family, and here at Fresh Air Screens, Inc., we are founded on family. Do you have a favorite early childhood or early career memory you would like to share? If so, feel free to share in our comment section. As always, we welcome you to join our topics!

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