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Published 07/01/2019

turn your garage into a home gym

Have you always aspired to be fit by hitting the gym, but you can’t seem to keep up with all the associated obligations? Work out sessions in a commercial gym can be hectic, especially when you have other commitments. Commuting back and forth from the gym can create stress from traffic issues, scheduling conflicts, and privacy concerns. Monthly memberships fees and additional costs can also be a pain to fit into a budget. Would you be more willing to maintain a healthy exercise program if it fit better within your own schedule and budget?

What better way to keep your fitness in line with your own lifestyle, then by building it into your garage? Your garage can provide adequate space and provisions to build a personal home gym without giving up essential areas of your home. Not only can this eliminate issues related to location and privacy, but you can customize it to your personal fitness goals. How do you get started? This guideline provides essential tips on how to convert a garage into your own private gym.

Training Equipment to Get You Started

The equipment you choose will match your fitness goals, but there are some staples that pair well with most training styles. Some equipment can be purchased at a local fitness store or online, but if you like DIY projects or are wanting to keep the price on the smaller end of a budget, then consider the equipment that you can build yourself as an option. We’ve highlighted some equipment that complement home gyms.

power rackPower-rack

A power rack is an essential starter for a garage gym since it provides for strength enhancement exercises with full flexibility. This one tool can provide support for several exercises, including pull-ups, squats, and barbell exercises. Most power racks are detachable to conserve space during storage. Power-racks make great DIY projects using budget-friendly materials.

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Dumbbells are vital for home gyms because they provide many fitness benefits, including muscle building and strength training. They are easy to match with your skill and progress, so you can start with a few and add more as you go. Along with different sizes and weights, did you also know there are different types? If storage space is a concern, consider purchasing removable dumbbells.

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A parallette is an easy but powerful addition to a home gym. Simply put, they are raised parallel beams, usually used in pairs. They help with many exercise sets including pushups, sit ups, dips, and more.  This can be conveniently purchased from a fitness store you like, or you can create them yourself using PVC pipes reinforced with concrete.

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Plyometric boxPlyometric box

A plyometric box is used for low-body plyometric exercises, such as step-ups, Bulgarian split squats, elevated pushups, and box jumps. The DIY project for this unit can cost less than $20 depending on the materials used, making it cost-efficient as much as it is beneficial to your training goals.

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Essential Tips Tor Effective Transformation

Transforming your garage into a home gym is more than just filling it with exercise equipment. There are elements to the environment that will also need to be considered, not only for comfort but for safety as well. These next few tips will help create an environment that will sustain vigorous activity. 

Insulation, Ventilation, and Privacy

Insulation is important to maintain a proper atmosphere. The primary purpose for this is to keep the air consistently cool and dry. Not only will this positively impact on your health and energy, but it is also better for equipment maintenance and storage. Did you know insulation can also help buffer noise coming into the garage?  Online tutorials can offer great tips and instructions to add insulation to your new gym without making an uncomfortable investment.

A common problem during many exercise programs is simply not breathing right. If airflow is stagnant you still won’t get the oxygen you need to support your activity, even if you are following correct breathing patterns for exercise. Ventilate your home gym adequately by opening doors and windows. Having your home gym in the garage has a powerful advantage when it comes to ventilation – your garage door. Leaving your garage door open will allow more air flow than just utilizing traditional windows. By applying a garage door screen, you can open up your garage without compromising the cleanliness or comfort of the garage.

Privacy is a big deal when it comes to fitness training. The more comfortable you are, the more successful your training will be. You can enjoy more privacy in a home gym in your garage than you can in a public gym. Through the use of garage door screens and the layout of the equipment, you can still maintain your privacy even when you raise your garage door. So go ahead, put on that workout outfit and give it all you got!

Find online tutorials

Performing a good exercise in the wrong manner can turn all your efforts in vain. Avoid erroneous performance by finding additional tips and personalized help online. Training sessions are available online for fast and convenient enrollment, allowing you to train from the privacy of your own home. When scoping out training services, match the training to your intentions.  There are several types of training available ranging from beginner to expert and focusing on different areas. If you are not sure what exercises are right for you, consult your physician.

Final Thoughts

Converting your garage into a gym does not have to be a huge financial burden. Most of the suitable startup equipment cost less than it would cost if you enrolled in a commercial gym. With the right equipment, you can easily do this on a budget. Besides saving more money by cutting out monthly charges, a home gym is convenient. You won’t have to deal with traffic from going to a different location, and you will have the comfort of privacy. So, if you are concerned about maintaining a healthy, fit lifestyle, then now is the perfect time to transform your garage into a gym.