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Local Indianapolis Businessman Offers Presidential Merchandise Nationwide

When it comes to finding political souvenirs and merchandise, just conduct a search online and you have millions of options at your fingertips. But when it comes to supporting your favorite political candidate and small businesses in fell swoop, the task isn’t so easy. That’s where Marvin Miller, founder at Fresh Air Screens, comes in. 

Karaoke Party Night

Turn your garage into a Karaoke paradise.  You can rent a machine.. Most now come with a catalog in the thousands of songs. The last time I used one it had 4000 songs.  A binder with all songs listed by artist, then the same list organized by song title.  Wireless mic's allow for a group to perform at once.

Any adult beverage will get your guests ready to rock.   You can't sing, with the group helping out, you will have the time of your life...

A guaranteed good time.

80s night party

Turn your garage into a 80s flashback.  This decadent decade is remembered for its excessive indulgence.

Dress to impress:  Madonna. Billy Idol. Day glow. Punk wigs.  Jellies. HAVE FUN. This Miami Vice.

Music- That is easy. There are great 80s music cd's available everywhere.

Maybe run some old movies or 80s sitcoms on the TV for background vibe.

Play some 80s board games. Rubix Cube anyone?

Poker Night

Poker is not just for the guys.  The theme is friendly gambling- either for prizes or just for fun.

Setup a few card tables in the garage.  Have music playing.  As for the activity : the most popular game today is texas holdem poker. For the non-gambling type, have an alternative game or two.  Also- have an instructional session for the newbies.  Have a cheat sheet of what the poker hands so novice players can feel more confident during play.  Give each guest poker chips, play money, and dice when they arrive.

Great decorations include hanging fuzzy dice and lots of black and red balloons.

Mexican Fiesta

Everyone loves the thought of a Cancun vacation.  Take your friends "South of the border" for fun themed party. Great decorations include inflatable cactus, chili peppers, boots, and sombreros.

The signature drinks for a fiesta party are margaritas and Corona cevesas.

Be sure to play plenty of fiesta music as you shake your maracas!  Or go all the way and hire a Mariachi band!

Wine Tasting Party

A wine tasting party doesn't have to be reserved for the well-versed wine connoisseur. Get your friends together for an informal potluck party, with each guest bringing his/her favorite wine. Food should be simple appetizers as well as cheese and bread. Provide index cards for guests to rate their favorites.

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Hawaiian Luau Party

As each guest arrives to your garage party, greet with an "aloha" and a kiss on the cheek.

Hand each guest a lei and a flower for the women to put in their hair.  Bright and colorful is sure to set a tropical ambiance.  Get a CD of an ocean shoreline with gentle breezes to really set the mood.

Margaritas, Mai Tais, Pina Coladas, Bahama Mamas, and really and frozen daiquiris.  Do not forget the little party goers with virgin alternatives and  Hawaiian punch.  Be sure to have a limbo contest to see "how low can you go" and a hula contest for great fun.

A little bit of sand could go a long way.  HAVE FUN!

Halloween Party Ideas For Outdoor Fun, Fall Family Gatherings

As your children, family and friends start dusting off the pumpkins and carving knives, it’s time to plan a little fun for Halloween. Whether it’s a small family gathering, or a big neighborhood bash, Halloween parties bring out the kid in all of us. Here are some party ideas to help your friendly ghosts and goblins enjoy themselves:

Funk up your food. Halloween is not the time to serve boring cheese trays. Remember all those yucky, gooey things you tried when you were a kid? Like gummy worms sliding out of Jello, or cupcakes covered with plastic spiders? Dig out your old recipe books and find some fun twists on party dishes. Try checking out, or for hauntingly yummy recipes.

Spruce the place up. Why not become known as the neighbor with the most Halloween decorations on the block? Let the other guys do it up right for Christmas. You don’t have to spend tons of money. There are lots of crafts that involve the most basic of supplies, and it’s even better when the whole family can get involved. Try searching these sites for tips:, or

Get your game on. Halloween is the perfect excuse for family fun. There are tons of games to choose from, whether it's Spook Bingo, or the traditional bobbing for apples. Make sure you choose games that are appropriate for those attending. Or you can divide games into categories,  gearing them toward younger kids, teenagers and adults. Great ideas can be found at:, and

Set the stage. Remember that if the weather allows it, you’ll want to give your guests the opportunity to be outside. Nothing is better than a Halloween party at night … it’s only fitting! Clear out your garage so you can handle the crowd, and provide a place for seating , along with your food and beverages. This way you won’t worry so much about spills and messes. Make your garage the perfect gathering space by installing a garage door screen. This helps keep bugs and debris out of your party space, while allowing fresh air to flow. Check out for details.

Above all, remember that as a host, you will set the tone for an amazing event. So dress up! Get into the mood, and allow your guests to have a frightful, but fun-filled, evening!

How To Winterize Garage Doors, Get Garage Ready For Cooler Weather

As Autumn gives way to cooler temperatures, home owners start making out to-do lists in order to get ready for winter. Besides raking leaves and cleaning out gutters, you’ll probably want to get your garage door winterized. After all, your garage door can be a huge source of air cold air infiltration.

In fact, did you know that a 1/8-inch crack around the average single garage door yields almost 50 square inches of area? That’s definitely a concern, particularly if your garage is attached to your home. There are some steps you can take to make your garage space comfortable and cost-effective this winter.

  1. For starters, go to your local hardward store and purchase a “garage door bottom." These are usually made of rubber or vinyl.
  2. Cut to measure the door bottom, and nail it to the bottom edge of the door with rust-resistant nails.
  3. Next, purchase an overhead garage door weatherstrip kit, also available at your local home improvement store. Some kits features a vinyl leaf that fastens into an aluminum frame. Installation requires only a hammer and hacksaw and is accomplished by nailing the aluminum strip to the face of the door stop, allowing the vinyl leaf to "float" against the face of the garage door.
  4. To help keep debris from entering your garage during the fall months, purchase a garage screen door. Installed around the frame of your garage opening, this mesh screen allows for fresh air flow, but keeps bugs and falling leaves out of your garage area.

For more information to help keep your garage clean and ready for cold-weather activities, see

Military Moms, Dads Show Pride Through Customized Armed Forces Banners

If you are a parent of a soldier, you know the pride that you feel. It’s hard to put into words the emotions you experience, and you probably want to let the whole world know that your son or daughter is serving our country.

One of the best ways to do that is by displaying an outside banner. Over-sized, custom-made banners are the perfect choice when it comes to showing your pride and making a big statement. But you don’t want to mess around with vinyl banners that catch the wind and sometimes end up in your neighbor’s trees. You’ll want the best, and that means a banner made of finely woven mesh, which allows wind to flow right through.

Kitty Mac Fresh Air Screens® Recognition Banners are the perfect choice for your military recognition banner. And the best part of all is that you can have a picture of your soldier printed right on the screen, for your community to see!

Another feature with these types of banners is that they include four metal grommets for easy hanging. You can display your banner off of your garage, front porch or off the side of your house. And because of its flexibility, you can easily take your banner to rallies and other celebrations.

If your aim is to honor your loved one in a respectful way, check out for all your options. Recognitions banners never looked so good!

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