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It's hard not to get excited about Barack Obama, especially after he officially accepted the nomination for President of the United States last week in Denver. It's a historic time, and it's incredibly thrilling for Obama supporters.

With that in mind,  if you're looking for something unique and a little different - not just your run-of-the-mill yard sign, then you'll want to consider a new option. This Barack Obama banner is actually a tightly-woven mesh screen that is porous, and allows the air to flow through instead of becoming a flying object in your neighborhood. It can stand alone, or it can also be used as part of a garage door screen package that allows you to convert your garage to a bug-free zone.

The banner, also called an insert, is availabe in three different sizes, and proudly displays your excitement for this historical presidential race. It also can be Velcroed to a garage door screen, which is a device that can be fit to the frame of your garage door, allowing fresh air to circulate without allowing bugs or debris to come in. This is a great idea for those who use garage space for parties, extra work projects or a play area.

For all the details, and a chance to proudly display your support for Barrack Obama, visit You'll be the envy of your neighborhood!

Written by jcorwin6 — August 31, 2008

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