Fresh Air Screens's Labor Day. For many of us that means we can enjoy a Monday off, free of deadlines, meetings and worries. If you're part of that lucky crowd, then you're probably enjoying time together with friends and family. Perhaps your neighbors are coming down for a barbeque. Or maybe you're having a block party, or you're having a competitive game of football in your front yard.

Whatever the activity, all American workers are excited to have a day that is dedicated to honoring us and, well, giving us a little break. And in light of that, you might be thinking, "Hmmmm....what could I do to celebrate?" Here are some suggestions that might get you in the mood to enjoy the day, or another holiday in the future:

Have a pitch in. It doesn't matter if it's last minute and unorganized. Most of the fun parties are! Call your neighbors and friends. Tell them the time and place, and have them bring a dish to share. You don't have to be fancy. An even easier option is to collect money and order out for pizza. Just as long as there's good food and something to drink, the fun will take care of itself.

Set the stage. Clear out the garage and make your home party central. Set up card tables, and provide fun board games like Monolpoly or Dominoes. Set up an impromptu tournament and see who can claim to be this year's champion. And if you really want to be the pro at throwing parties, check out the garage door screens offered at Talk about hostess with the mostess! This handy gadget turns any garage into a comfortable place to throw parties and keep the bugs away.

Mix it up. Don't stick with the same old crowd you know and love. Have everyone you invite ask at least one additional person to come with them. This will bring new faces to your event. It's always fun to mix it up a bit and enjoy making new friends.

Be responsible. No matter what, if you have alcoholic beverages at your party, make sure you encourage others to drink responsibly and designate a driver. Or offer your couch and extra floor space for those that need a place to crash in order to "sleep it off."

Have fun. Hosting get-togethers, no matter how casual, is fun. So make sure you relax enough to enjoy it. Talk with and get to know new faces. Introduce guests to each other, and soak in the experience. Labor Day, just like all other holidays, is a chance to set back and appreciate the happy moments of life. Enjoy!

Written by jcorwin6 — September 01, 2008

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