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It seems that no matter what your political affiliation happens to be, the buzz and excitement that goes along with this year’s presidential election can’t be stopped. Just ask Marvin Miller, owner of Kitty Mac Fresh Air Screens.  He’s seen the need for Americans to feel involved and show support for their favorite candidates, and produced a product that he feels is a hit.

“The excitement shared by millions of Americans for the elections this November is unreal,” he said. “No matter what side of the fence you’re on, people are really wanting to show support and display their preferences,” he said.

So Miller decided to take one of his existing products and tweak it to meet that need. A producer of garage door screens with detachable “inserts,” or banners, he developed a new design for both Barrack Obama and John McCain. These inserts can stand alone, or can be attached to one of his unique garage door screen systems.

Although his company has been around for years, the excitement of the garage door screen concept has recently been catching on.

“Think about how many parties people have that extend to outdoors and in their garages. Or what about those guys who love to watch TV while working on a project in their garage space. My garage door screens create a room that’s free from bugs or debris, and can help you maintain a clean, comfortable area,” Miller said.

The screens feature a sturdy Velcro section that can hold a banner, or insert, that is customized. Thus, the political banners came into play.

“These inserts are made of a finely woven, sturdy mesh fabric that allows for fresh air flow,” said Miller. While your neighbor’s banners are getting caught up by the wind and carried into another part of town, these banners can endure strong winds and stay attractive in your yard, hung off the side of your house, or as part of your garage door screen system.

Although Miller first developed the design for Barack Obama, a John McCain version is at press right now. He says that he would be proud for his products to be a part of this year’s campaign.

“It’s definitely an exciting event,” he said. “If everyone shows their support, it’s going to be an exciting race to watch.”

For more details about the presidential banners, or about customer banners and garage door screens, visit www.freshairscreenscom.

Written by jcorwin6 — September 02, 2008

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