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As the end-of-summer temperatures start to peak, the excitement of football season can’t be ignored. Whether it’s at the little league, high school, college or professional level, football games mean one thing: It’s time to party!

There’s nothing better than hosting a football watching party. Friends and neighbors come together to root for a favorite team, eat plenty of food and catch up on each other’s lives. So as the leaves begin to turn and you get the itch to watch a game, consider these tips to be the perfect host:

Set the mood. Whether it’s by purchasing special theme party supplies, or making do with sports memorabilia you have sitting around the house, you’ll want to create a festive atmosphere that says, “Party Here!”  Cover your food table with a green table cloth, then sprinkle confetti over the top. Make a centerpiece with your favorite team’s colors, and your food table is good to go.

Let the games begin. During half time, why not supply some homemade flags and have a hearty round of flag football in your yard? All you need is wide ribbon and Velcro. Make a belt, with two detachable “flags” on each side. Purchase ribbon in your team colors and hold a tournament throughout the season. Keep track of the winning teams throughout the year in order to declare a final champion when the season is over.

Be comfortable. You don’t want dozens of people coming over, only to squint at a small screen in one tiny room. Make sure that you have enough viewing room, or multiple televisions in order to accommodate your guest list. Consider having various viewing rooms, or if it’s a nice day, have a TV set outside as well. If you have a garage that serves as a party overflow area, consider purchasing a garage door screen in order to keep your guests comfortable, and your watching area free of pesky bugs or debris. Check out garage door screens at

Play games. Consider having a betting pool and let guests choose half-time scores, most valuable players, number of fumbles, etc. Be creative, and provide fun trinkets or inexpensive gifts for the winners.
Dig out your recipes. It’s easy to get in the rut of making the same old thing when hosting a party. Pull out those recipe books collecting dust on your shelves and try new appetizers or main dishes. Stick with “comfort foods,” and avoid anything too unique, as you’ll want to appeal to a wide array of tastes.

Have fun. Most importantly, make your parties memorable, and ones that your friends and family will want to keep attending. Cater to  your guests, make sure strangers become fast friends, and enjoy the spirit of football!

Written by jcorwin6 — September 03, 2008

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