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No matter what side of the aisle you’re on when it comes to the presidential election, you can’t deny the excitement that’s building for November. As an American citizen, it’s an amazing time to be involved, and to be a part of the political process. And when it comes to campaign merchandise, well, you just can’t get enough. At least that’s what some merchants are thinking.

I traveled to Washington D.C. over the summer and wandered into a store that sold presidential candidate merchandise. Everything from bumper stickers, to t-shirts and baby bibs, was available in your candidate or party of choice. So I asked the sales clerk if she saw a trend in purchases. Without a beat she said, “Everyone wants something with Barack Obama on it.” And apparently that idea holds true across the country.

Although I’m sure sales are strong for the McCain ticket, it seems that Obama merchandise, in particular, is a hot ticket item that consumers just can’t get enough of. But if you feel as though you’ve seen everything, well don’t hold your breath, because there’s a new item in town. You can actually get a Barack Obama banner that adheres to your garage door screen. Yes, that's right, a garage door screen. Now before you scratch your head and say, “Huh?” let me explain what it is.

You know how when you want to do work out in your garage and you want fresh air, you have to fight off the bugs and other debris, especially when the sun goes down? Well there’s a wonderful thing called a garage door screen that actually fits snug against your garage door frame. It allows you to use your garage space without feeling like target practice for mosquitoes and other annoying critters.

So you have this wonderful garage door screen, and then to top it off, it comes with heavy-duty Velcro strips that allow you to display a banner, also called an "insert." Here’s where the Obama banner comes in. You can actually show your support for your candidate (a McCain one is coming soon) right there for everyone to see. The benefits of this type of banner include:

  • A sturdy, double-stitched construction that stands up to wind and other elements.
  • A tightly woven mesh material that allows for air flow.
  • It can stand on it’s own as a banner, or be attached to your garage door screen.
  • The banner is portable and can be taken with you to other campaign events or neighborhood parties.
  • It’s available in different sizes to accommodate your unique need.

Now’s the time to get involved, and having presidential campaign merchandise is part of the excitement. Need more information? Visit right now.

Written by jcorwin6 — September 04, 2008

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