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You know it’s time to clean out your garage when, every time your garage door is up, passers by stop to ask if you’re having a garage sale. Or if your family has to walk through the garage in single file, well it’s time to dig out of that mess!

Fall is the perfect time for families to enjoy some bonding time while throwing out clutter. What better way to spend a crisp, sunny weekend then by pitching old toys boxes of junk, and getting organized. Are you excited yet?

By getting your garage space under control, you can not only feel good about the upcoming winter months, but you can also rediscover an entire room that can be used for outdoor parties, hobbies or projects. Here are some basic garage cleaning steps you can take to get your garage space back in order:

Move ‘em out. It’s hard to figure out what storage bins or extra shelves you’re going to need until you actually know what it is you need to store. Enlist the help of family members and start taking things out of your garage space first. Sort your items by several categories as you take them out, including: throw away; donate; sell; and keep.

Clean ‘em up. Once you have the floor space clear, it’s time to clean. Sweep out debris the best you can, and take the time to properly clean oil or fluid spills. If you don’t have a fresh layer of garage floor paint, maybe now’s the time to do it. Check out all the innovative and attractive floor options available at your local hardware store.

Get it together. Once you’re cleaned out your garage, you’re ready to move things back in. DO NOT move back in any item unless you have a specific place to put it. Now’s the time to evaluate what you’re keeping, and where it should go. Try to sort those items into categories like: lawn and garden; automotive supplies; camping; toys, etc. Now you can see what kind or organizational equipment you need, like big plastic bins, industrial shelving, baskets and so forth. Invest in the right storage containers in order to keep your garage looking good.

Finishing touches. Once you’ve moved everything back in, and your garage is looking marvelous, add that extra touch. Consider using your newfound room for outdoor socializing! Add a TV on the wall, or place that neglected chair and rug in the corner to make an extra living space. Install a garage door screen, which will keep unwanted debris from coming back in your garage, and allow you to enjoy the fall weather without pesky bugs (for garage screen options, see

Mark your calendar. Now that you have a clean, usable space, keep it that way. Designate a day each month when your family can chip in an hour or two to maintain your new look. Make it a fun activity, and encourage everyone to participate! It will be faster that way, and it will help your kids take ownership in keeping it clean.

Having a clean garage can do wonders to a homeowners state of mind. Take advantage of the season, and take control of your garage space right now.

Written by jcorwin6 — September 10, 2008

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