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There’s nothing like cool, crisp air and leaves changing color to get fans excited about football. And there’s nothing like a fun football party to get your neighbors and friends together to celebrate.

When it comes to football watching parties, you really can’t go wrong. As long as there is food, drinks and a TV screen, you’ve got yourself a party. But if you want to make sure that your event is a success, you’ll want to go above and beyond to put your football parties on the map. Here are some football party ideas to make sure you score a touchdown!

Set the scene. Make sure you’ve “spruced up the place” with football themed items. Take a trip to your local party store to stock up on napkins, plates, decorations and sporty items. This will get your guests in the mood right from the get go.

Check out your seating areas. If possible, stage at least two viewing areas so that people can mix and mingle while watching the game. During nice weather, consider transforming your garage into a watching zone. Go ahead, set up a TV out there so that guests can enjoy the outdoors at the same time. Kids will love the freedom to run around if they’re not paying attention to the game. Even better, install a garage door screen to make your garage space clean, comfortable and more usable. (Check out for details).

Play games. Have a bowl with team players’ numbers written down on a piece of paper. As guests arrive, have them draw a player. During the game they can root for the best performance and keep track of completed passes, successful tackles, touchdowns, etc. At the end of the game, give door prizes for all your categories, including best and worst players of the game, MVPs, most memorable plays and spectacular fumbles.

Watch the ads. With commercials being some of the most entertaining moments of a football game, create a “commercial score card,“ and have guests rate them as they appear. At the end of the game, tally up the scores and announce the winners and losers.

Have fun with food. Keeping it simple but interesting is definitely possible for those hosts who don’t want to make it complicated. Consider grilling simple burgers, but then have a burger bar with unusual and traditional toppings to go with them. Have everyone pitch in a side item that has something to do with football, and see what your friends com up with!

Include the kids. Sometimes, no matter how much a child likes to watch football, their attention span just isn’t quite long enough. Provide a separate “fun table,” where kids can find coloring books, puzzles, art pads or other fun projects to do that will appeal to a variety of ages. Set out outdoor games and encourage them to have their own “tournament” of some kind. When kids are happy and entertained, parents are too.

Football parties are an important part of Autumn! No matter how you feel about the game, watching a team perform on the field while having fun with friends is an American tradition. Party on!

Written by jcorwin6 — September 17, 2008

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