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Has your garage become the dumping ground for anything and everything in your household? Perhaps you’ve gotten so used to throwing things in there, that it’s become second nature. Don’t know where to put it? “Throw it in the garage.” 

Here’s a little tip: You don’t have to store everything in your garage. Your basement and/or attic are just begging for more responsibility. So here is a general list to help you decide what goes where. This will help you get your mind focused on organization, and help you feel less overwhelmed.

Garage Storage Items.

  • Sporting goods, lawn chairs, gardening equipment
  • Anything flammable, like gasoline, kerosene space heaters, lanterns, turpentine or other solvents
  • Old cans of paint, although if your garage gets extremely cold during the winter, consider another location, and keep them at least 10 feet away from any furnace or hot-water heater
  • Note: To help protect your garage storage and keep your area clean, consider installing a garage door screen (see for more information).

Basement Storage

  • Items like bulk food, light bulbs or batteries (in air tight containers and in a handy location)
  • Labeled seasonal decorations and clothing
  • Common household tools or maintenance items that are used regularly
  • Boxes of books or other heavy items that need a solid floor underneath


  • Important documents (like tax information, education records, etc.) that you need to keep but don’t need access to (in airtight containers)
  • Things you want to keep but don’t need, like outgrown children’s toys or clothing
  • Luggage, and rarely used seasonal items, like sleds, inflatable pools or patio equipment

Written by jcorwin6 — September 19, 2008

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Fresh Air Screens

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