5 Games to Play at Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is upon us, which means family, food, and gratitude. Comfort food is built into this holiday, but what else does your family look forward to? For our family, the games are as important as the food. Here are some favorite games to share with your family this holiday.

Perks of the Game

Playing cardsWe love these games because they are fun for the whole family and they are easy to include. They don’t require a lot of advance planning, so they can be great last-minute additions. They are perfect for holiday budgets because they either use something you already have on hand, or the materials can be purchased at a dollar store.

Spoons (unlimited players)

For this game, you will need spoons and a deck of cards. Lay out spoons on a table. There should be enough spoons for everyone except for one person. If you have fifteen players, use fourteen spoons. If you have five players, you will need four spoons. This makes the game great for small and large gatherings.

Choose a person to be the dealer first. The dealer will shuffle and deal out five cards for each player. (If you need extra cards, simply shuffle in an extra deck.) The goal is to be the first player to have a hand with four of a kind. The dealer will begin the round by passing the cards around the table, clockwise. Each player can look at the card that is passed to see if they need it or not. If the player does not need the card, they can pass it to the next player. If they do need the card, simply keep the card in the hand and pass on a different card.

The first player to get four of a kind in their hand gets to grab a spoon. Everyone else should grab a spoon quickly to, because the player without a spoon loses. Any player with a spoon gets to advance to the next round. Remove a spoon and reshuffle the deck for the next round. This game is built for speed. Pass the cards fast and pick up the spoons faster. Good luck!

Hide and Clap (unlimited players)

This game is like hide and seek but with a twist. The seeker is blindfolded, and everyone in the house is quiet. If the seeker needs help finding the other players, simply say clap, and everyone hiding will clap their hands. The seeker can ask up to three times during a turn. The advantage to this version of hide and seek, it can be easily done indoors. Hiders do not necessarily have to be hidden to win the game. *Please remember to have at least one adult supervising any kind of hide and seek game, this one included.

Cups and Straws (unlimited players, 2 teams)

For this game, you will need ten solo cups and a straw for each player.  To set this game up, simply set up the cups in a line, five on one side and five on the other. All the players need to divide up into two teams. A player from each side will blow through their straw to knock the cups off the table. When they have successfully knocked their cups off, go to the back of the line and let the next player try. (It is best to have someone on the other side to reset the cups). The first team to rotate through all their players successfully wins the game.



 Cup Stacking (2 players per set)

Solo cups make great games. For this game, you will need twenty solo cups. Separate them into two groups, so two players can compete at the same time. into the same designs (designs vary, but you can easily stack them into a triangle shape to start with). Set a timer for 30 seconds. The goal is tearing the stack down into a single stack of cups and build them back up again. The cup stacker to successful teardown and rebuild the most stacks in 30 seconds wins.

*There are many variations to this game, depending on how it is played. Try making up your own patterns or rules to the game as you go. In some locations, cup stacking is an official sport with official rules, so you may recognize differences in the way we play. These instructions are simply for fun family gatherings that can be changed with personal preferences and skills.

The Thanksgiving Blessings Game (unlimited players)

This is a fun game to do in a group that keeps the focus on giving thanks. Start in order from the youngest to the oldest in the room. The first player says “I am thankful for…” followed by something they are thankful for. The next player repeats everything the first player says and adds what they are thankful for. Each player takes turns repeating what was said and adding their own thing they are grateful for. It’s not as easy as it sounds. The last person who can successfully remember the “Thanksgiving Blessings” wins!

Room for Hospitality

It’s not always easy to fit guests into one house for the holidays. You will need room for guests to dine together, and to play games and relax. Consider extending your home through areas you already have but may not utilize as much. Garages, barns, and similar spaces can be very comfortable areas for entertaining, even in colder months. With the addition of a Fresh Air Screen to keep air flow clean and comfortable and a safe heating system, you can easily convert these areas just in time for the holidays.


For areas that are used most for hospitality purposes, we recommend using non-retractable screens like model A and model B. These are great for areas with foot traffic, that don’t require vehicle entrances like car ports.

Model A

The Model A screen is great for entertainment rooms that have a side door or other entrance. It is so simple to put up and leave up, so it won’t interfere with holiday preparations. This screen offers an uninterrupted view of the outdoors.

Model B

Model B easily converts space into entertainment and hosting rooms. Welcome guests directly into these converted rooms, using the center zipper. It’s great for light to moderate foot traffic, for direct access.

Alternative Options

For multi-purpose rooms, try using retractable screens. The model C and Model D screens allow for any function you can imagine. They do not require difficult installation or structural changes to give you all the options you could want.

Have more questions about commercial use Fresh Air Screens? Would you like a free quote? If so, feel free to contact us and experience the fresh air like you never have before!

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