Inspiring Christmas Traditions

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Christmas is a season for traditions. The beautiful thing about Christmas is that it is influenced by family life and cultures around the world. This means that traditions vary from nationality to nationality and family to family. But there are similarities that make this special holiday recognizable and enjoyable no matter where you are. Here are some Christmas Traditions with unique twists to keep the holiday season inspiring.


Food makes a fond appearance in most people’s Christmas celebration no matter where you are from. Just check out Japan’s KFC Christmas dinner, if you don’t believe me! Many people associate Christmas with receiving special candy, fruits, or family dinner with classic breads, pies, cakes, casseroles and more. Hungry yet? I am!

Here are three Christmas twists to traditions of food that you can try.

  • Pick another nationality and add their food tradition to your own. For example, if you select Japan, you may add a bucket of chicken to your Christmas dinner, then talk about how or why this became a Christmas tradition.
  • Fill up the Food Bank – Many cities and churches offer food banks that can run low, especially in cold months and holiday seasons. Try using Christmas get-togethers as a fun way to restock food banks with delicious food items. Ask visitors to fill up stockings, bags, or boxes with dried foods, canned foods, dried fruits, hot chocolate packets or other treats to take to a local food bank.
  • Do you leave out cookies and milk for Santa? Try adding reindeer snacks for Santa’s reindeer using dried fruit, carrots, or make some reindeer chow using Chex Mix cereal, powdered sugar and cinnamon or try your own reindeer snack.

We’d love to hear your favorite Christmas recipes! Feel free to share them in the comments below!

Gift Exchange

Giving gifts is a common Christmas tradition for many cultures. For some, it reminds them of the three gifts of the Magi, while for others, it has other historical significance that includes exchanging cards, letters, or other acts of love and kindness. Early history has shown a growth in a commercial gift exchange that some people embrace, and others protest. For whatever reason you exchange gifts, you do it out of love, and that’ the most important thing. Here are some ways to twist up this generous tradition.

  • Hand-made gifts. This can be great for kids and adults alike. The focus on this twist is taking time to make something special for the recipient. From paintings to clothing, to pieces of décor, you can make whatever you want. Blankets are a favorite home-made item because not only is appropriate for the season, you can make different styles of blankets depending on your level of skill and the time you have to devote to it.
  • A Gift Exchange Game – Try playing a gift exchange game rather than simply exchanging presents to open. You can make up a Christmas Scavenger Hunt where you open clues to guess or receive the present or try the Victorian Web game where you follow colored string or yarn to your present.
  • A Reserved Stocking – Set aside a stocking for a special recipient. You may sponsor a charity, an organization, or a family member or friend who can’t join the celebration for some reason. Fill it with special things for them and take it to them when it is filled.

No matter where your traditions come from or how you observe them, gathering with friends and family is at the center of the festivities in some way. Whether it is feasting together, exchanging presents, going to church or caroling together, we all look forward to visiting with people we care about. What are some traditions you enjoy during the holidays? Share your favorite ideas in the comments!

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