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heavy duty garage door screens

Heavy Duty TuffScreen Products

Patios and porches add character and charm to any outdoor living space. They are also an ideal place to host family barbecues and parties. However, while these spaces come in handy especially during spring, irritating bugs may spoil the fun. At Fresh Air Screens, we have helped hundreds of homeowners reinvent their outdoor spaces with our quality patio screens and porch screens, tailor-made to keep off these bugs. Being a leading brand, we have screens for all types of garages, porches, patios, gazebos, and more. Now, we have something extra, exclusively for our online shoppers.

Fresh Air Screens Limited Time Offers

For a limited time only, our most popular model is available in heavy-duty, Tuffscreen material for the same price as our standard screens! All of our screens are guaranteed to be durable, dependable, and heavy-duty, but allow our Tuffscreen model to take your expectations to a new level. This special screen is back for a limited time only in Model C and Model D. As a Fresh Air Screen principle, this special screen is guaranteed to protect your garage from bugs and debris without interfering with garage mechanisms. Featuring zippers on both sides, this manual retractable garage door screen is easy to install, and easy to maintain. Just roll it up whenever you want. Hold your screen in perfect place by using our buckle and straps system or install the convenient Rope and Pull system.

Some of the features that make our garage screens stand out include:
• They are easy to install
• They are 3-times stronger than the regular patio screen materials
• They are resistant to punctures, tears, and rips
• The two zippers create a convenient retraction feature
• Compatible with rope and pull kit accessories

Along with the limited offer, we offer free shipping on all our products within the continental US. Don’t miss out on these limited garage door screens.

Why should you choose a retractable garage door screen?

If you live in an older home, there are high chances that your garage door is manual. While such doors are still functional, they aren't always efficient. Here are some reasons why you should consider upgrading to a retractable garage door screen with zippers.

1. It reduces your use of the manual garage door

Do you find it easy to operate your manual garage door when the weather is fine, but it becomes a nightmare in severe weather? This is because extreme weather changes could either make your door and its accessories either shrink or expand, which makes it quite difficult to operate. Fresh Air Screens saves you the trouble by providing you with a retractable and easy to operate garage screen door that helps you minimize the number of times you use the manual door.

2. It enhances your garage’s versatility

For the vast majority of homeowners, the garage offers more than a storage and parking spot. In the modern-day, garages are becoming family entertainment rooms, bedrooms, creative escapes, home offices, workshops and so on. Whichever purpose you use your garage for, a garage screen eliminates the typical garage gloominess.

3. It creates a barrier for bugs and debris

Our retractable garage screen doors enable you to enjoy all the benefits of the outdoors without the pesky nuisance of bugs such as flies, bees, mosquitoes, and so on. This comes in handy during the hot summer months.
Most homeowners not only seek to secure their vehicles and property in the garage but also keep them clean. Not installing a garage screen is, therefore, counterintuitive. A screen is also an effective way of ensuring a clean space.

4. It improves the airflow in your garage

Working in your garage can be extremely brutal especially in the summer. This is because most of them are not air-conditioned, which means humidity and heat are trapped, making your garage more or less like a sauna. Installing a garage screen ensures that there is sufficient airflow.

5. Retractable screens are removable

Ideally, a retractable screen gives you the option of hiding it from view when it’s not in use. Fresh Air Screens takes this a step further by designing screens that perfectly compliment your doorframe. This allows you to have unobstructed views with the added benefit of elegant entryways.

Add a touch of elegance to your garage space today with our garage, patio and porch screens.

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