Prepare For The Cricket Invasion

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prepare for the cricket invasion with a garage door screen

6 Things You Should Know To Prepare For The Cricket Invasion

As the end of summer draws near, Texans have two landmark events to keep in mind. Labor Day Weekend signifies the end of summer festivities, school vacation with outdoor parties and music. The other thing everyday people can expect will not be the source of smiles — the cricket invasion.

The idea of a cricket invasion would almost sound funny if it weren’t for the fact that swarms often penetrate homes. In many cases, they get inside homes through open garage doors and cracks. Anyone who has just a single cricket chirping behind a wall understands they can keep you awake all night.

That’s why more and more homeowners are choosing to install Fresh Air Screens over their garage door openings. These full-length, non-retractable screens allow air to flow freely into garages while keeping the crickets out. If you haven’t taken proactive measures to secure your home from the impending insect infestation, these are things you should know about the annual cricket invasion.

1. What Are These Texas Crickets?

    Texas has the misfortune to host the only known species of cricket to mass and swarm in large numbers. Their scientific name is Gryllus texensis, and when they gather in flocks, it looks like one of the great plagues. They are more commonly called the “black field cricket.

    2. Why They Gather in Huge Swarms

    This Texas-style cricket manages to repopulate twice per year. A relatively modest mating occurs during the spring. The late summer swarms are when the vast majority reproduce, and that time can be particularly troublesome for homeowners without protective screens.

    According to reports, this summer is shaping up to be among the worst cricket infestations. At least one entomologist expert from Texas A&M has recognized a larger volume of adult crickets amassing during July. The late summer rains are generally a trigger that starts the black field crickets gathering for reproductive purposes.

    3. How Cricket Life Cycle Works

    Following the unsettling swarming that many Texans see in even suburban and urban areas, crickets lay their eggs in early fall. These eggs will remain dormant over the winter months and hatch in spring. Most Texans won’t notice the high cricket population in early spring because it takes about three months for them to mature, grow wings, and start making that cricket noise.

    In terms of cricket infestations in homes, the early fall portion of the life cycle is particularly challenging. Once the crickets have mated, they often seek a habitat that will allow them to negotiate the impending inclement weather. Garages are particular targets, which is why Fresh Air Screens are so essential to secure your property.

    4. Crickets Target Homes

    Crickets do not necessarily have a special liking for garages. They are merely trying to find a secure habitat. What attracts them to areas such as garages is light. Even with the garage doors secured, patio enclosures can offer easy access without a determined porch screen.

    Although a few crickets can be a tremendous noise nuisance that distracts and keeps you awake at night, a swarm can prove costly for everyday homeowners. When a swarm sees that glimmer of light at the base of your garage door — or worse an open garage — they are likely to penetrate the property in mass. Not only will the noise diminish your peaceful enjoyment, but they will also eventually die, leaving rotting little corpses behind walls and under floors. The result is an awful smell that no amount of air freshener is going to mask.

    5. Crickets Can Damage Homes

    Crickets are similar to moths because they will eat away at certain fabrics in your home. While moths tend to go after soft cotton in dark closets, crickets are far more aggressive. The black field cricket has been known to dine on tougher fabrics with its mandibles including carpets. These insects are particularly attracted to anything that has a food or beverage stain on it.

    6. Homeowners Can Stop the Cricket Invasion With Garage Door Screens

    The first line of defense for Texas homeowners is to secure the exterior of your home. Crickets and large swarms are not targeting homes in particular. They are more prone to take what they perceive as an invitation. Light shining through open doors, windows, and especially garage doors are virtual magnets. Even a slim crack under your garage door can prompt hundreds of crickets to invade your home. While most homes have products in place to protect windows and doors, Fresh Air Screens for garages are the best defense against the coming cricket invasion.

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