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Football Party Ideas: Creating The Perfect Party Atmosphere

As the end-of-summer temperatures start to peak, the excitement of football season can’t be ignored. Whether it’s at the little league, high school, college or professional level, football games mean one thing: It’s time to party!

There’s nothing better than hosting a football watching party. Friends and neighbors come together to root for a favorite team, eat plenty of food and catch up on each other’s lives. So as the leaves begin to turn and you get the itch to watch a game, consider these tips to be the perfect host:

Set the mood. Whether it’s by purchasing special theme party supplies, or making do with sports memorabilia you have sitting around the house, you’ll want to create a festive atmosphere that says, “Party Here!”  Cover your food table with a green table cloth, then sprinkle confetti over the top. Make a centerpiece with your favorite team’s colors, and your food table is good to go.

Let the games begin. During half time, why not supply some homemade flags and have a hearty round of flag football in your yard? All you need is wide ribbon and Velcro. Make a belt, with two detachable “flags” on each side. Purchase ribbon in your team colors and hold a tournament throughout the season. Keep track of the winning teams throughout the year in order to declare a final champion when the season is over.

Be comfortable. You don’t want dozens of people coming over, only to squint at a small screen in one tiny room. Make sure that you have enough viewing room, or multiple televisions in order to accommodate your guest list. Consider having various viewing rooms, or if it’s a nice day, have a TV set outside as well. If you have a garage that serves as a party overflow area, consider purchasing a garage door screen in order to keep your guests comfortable, and your watching area free of pesky bugs or debris. Check out garage door screens at

Play games. Consider having a betting pool and let guests choose half-time scores, most valuable players, number of fumbles, etc. Be creative, and provide fun trinkets or inexpensive gifts for the winners.
Dig out your recipes. It’s easy to get in the rut of making the same old thing when hosting a party. Pull out those recipe books collecting dust on your shelves and try new appetizers or main dishes. Stick with “comfort foods,” and avoid anything too unique, as you’ll want to appeal to a wide array of tastes.

Have fun. Most importantly, make your parties memorable, and ones that your friends and family will want to keep attending. Cater to  your guests, make sure strangers become fast friends, and enjoy the spirit of football!

Obama, McCain Banners Fill Need In Community, Offer Unique Garage Door Screen Option

It seems that no matter what your political affiliation happens to be, the buzz and excitement that goes along with this year’s presidential election can’t be stopped. Just ask Marvin Miller, owner of Kitty Mac Fresh Air Screens.  He’s seen the need for Americans to feel involved and show support for their favorite candidates, and produced a product that he feels is a hit.

“The excitement shared by millions of Americans for the elections this November is unreal,” he said. “No matter what side of the fence you’re on, people are really wanting to show support and display their preferences,” he said.

So Miller decided to take one of his existing products and tweak it to meet that need. A producer of garage door screens with detachable “inserts,” or banners, he developed a new design for both Barrack Obama and John McCain. These inserts can stand alone, or can be attached to one of his unique garage door screen systems.

Although his company has been around for years, the excitement of the garage door screen concept has recently been catching on.

“Think about how many parties people have that extend to outdoors and in their garages. Or what about those guys who love to watch TV while working on a project in their garage space. My garage door screens create a room that’s free from bugs or debris, and can help you maintain a clean, comfortable area,” Miller said.

The screens feature a sturdy Velcro section that can hold a banner, or insert, that is customized. Thus, the political banners came into play.

“These inserts are made of a finely woven, sturdy mesh fabric that allows for fresh air flow,” said Miller. While your neighbor’s banners are getting caught up by the wind and carried into another part of town, these banners can endure strong winds and stay attractive in your yard, hung off the side of your house, or as part of your garage door screen system.

Although Miller first developed the design for Barack Obama, a John McCain version is at press right now. He says that he would be proud for his products to be a part of this year’s campaign.

“It’s definitely an exciting event,” he said. “If everyone shows their support, it’s going to be an exciting race to watch.”

For more details about the presidential banners, or about customer banners and garage door screens, visit www.freshairscreenscom.

Labor Day Offers Time To Play, Party, Barbeque And Relax In Honor Of Holiday's Labor Day. For many of us that means we can enjoy a Monday off, free of deadlines, meetings and worries. If you're part of that lucky crowd, then you're probably enjoying time together with friends and family. Perhaps your neighbors are coming down for a barbeque. Or maybe you're having a block party, or you're having a competitive game of football in your front yard.

Whatever the activity, all American workers are excited to have a day that is dedicated to honoring us and, well, giving us a little break. And in light of that, you might be thinking, "Hmmmm....what could I do to celebrate?" Here are some suggestions that might get you in the mood to enjoy the day, or another holiday in the future:

Have a pitch in. It doesn't matter if it's last minute and unorganized. Most of the fun parties are! Call your neighbors and friends. Tell them the time and place, and have them bring a dish to share. You don't have to be fancy. An even easier option is to collect money and order out for pizza. Just as long as there's good food and something to drink, the fun will take care of itself.

Set the stage. Clear out the garage and make your home party central. Set up card tables, and provide fun board games like Monolpoly or Dominoes. Set up an impromptu tournament and see who can claim to be this year's champion. And if you really want to be the pro at throwing parties, check out the garage door screens offered at Talk about hostess with the mostess! This handy gadget turns any garage into a comfortable place to throw parties and keep the bugs away.

Mix it up. Don't stick with the same old crowd you know and love. Have everyone you invite ask at least one additional person to come with them. This will bring new faces to your event. It's always fun to mix it up a bit and enjoy making new friends.

Be responsible. No matter what, if you have alcoholic beverages at your party, make sure you encourage others to drink responsibly and designate a driver. Or offer your couch and extra floor space for those that need a place to crash in order to "sleep it off."

Have fun. Hosting get-togethers, no matter how casual, is fun. So make sure you relax enough to enjoy it. Talk with and get to know new faces. Introduce guests to each other, and soak in the experience. Labor Day, just like all other holidays, is a chance to set back and appreciate the happy moments of life. Enjoy!

Barack Obama Banner: Support Your Presidential Candidate!

It's hard not to get excited about Barack Obama, especially after he officially accepted the nomination for President of the United States last week in Denver. It's a historic time, and it's incredibly thrilling for Obama supporters.

With that in mind,  if you're looking for something unique and a little different - not just your run-of-the-mill yard sign, then you'll want to consider a new option. This Barack Obama banner is actually a tightly-woven mesh screen that is porous, and allows the air to flow through instead of becoming a flying object in your neighborhood. It can stand alone, or it can also be used as part of a garage door screen package that allows you to convert your garage to a bug-free zone.

The banner, also called an insert, is availabe in three different sizes, and proudly displays your excitement for this historical presidential race. It also can be Velcroed to a garage door screen, which is a device that can be fit to the frame of your garage door, allowing fresh air to circulate without allowing bugs or debris to come in. This is a great idea for those who use garage space for parties, extra work projects or a play area.

For all the details, and a chance to proudly display your support for Barrack Obama, visit You'll be the envy of your neighborhood!

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