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Sign Builder Illustrated's writer Lori Andreozzi featured Fresh Air Screens in her October 2007 article titled "Sign Shops: Your Garage as Play Room." Andreozzi discusses the transformation garages have experienced from a utilitarian storage space to a livable extension of the home. Fresh Air Screens' Garage Door Screens provide an easy and affordable solution to homeowners who want to spend more time in the their garage without costly renovation. Here's a copy of the article:

Garages are known to be utilitarian: Park your care there, as well as everything else that won't fit in your house. But most people have never considered turning their garage into rooms in where they actually spend time. A new product by Fresh Air Screens ( is starting to change all that. These garage door screens cover garage entrances, allowing fresh air in and keeping bugs and leaves out.

What does this mean for the sign industry? Fresh Air Screens has a customizable screen with print version, that allows the homeowner to display a digitally printed image on the screen.

The screen comes in a box along with a kit. Custom screens can also be ordered for patios, porches, gazebos, and horse barns. The screen material allows the screen to last seve to ten years without significant wear. All garage screens and Fresh Air Screens products are backed by a one year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Garage screens aren't a new idea, says Marvin Miller, founder of Fresh Air Screens with his wife Carolyn Miller. Floridians have used them for thirty-five years, but the trend didn't spread across the country until now.

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, the company began selling screens in 2001. Miller says the original idea came from a company that sold screens that had to be removed every time the garage door opened or closed. The Millers simply added a zipper. In addition, they're also selling rope-and-pull screens - which are a fast-growing segment of their business - along with custom printed screens.

The customer measures the garage and orders the screen online or by phone. The screen uses a durable hook-and-loop mounting and takes less than 15 minutes to hang. "The rope and pull system allows the screen to be retracted with a single hand." While mounted, the garage screens allow cars to pass through and normal garage opening/closing function.

To install, the screen is mounted in front of the doorstop on the header and on the doorjambs on which the garage door is mounted. It's designed to be left up throughout the season, allowing cars to drive in and out. "With double zippers, you can unzip the screen, roll the screen up, and lock it in place," says Marvin. Nothing keeps the screen in place on the floor, however; the Millers recommend placing a 3/4" plastic conduit in the bottom pouch that is sewn into the bottom of the screen to prevent the wind the affecting it.

Miller says the screens are popular among sports fans. When Marvin initially sought funding for his idea, the investors were impressed with his ability to negotiate deals with major colleges and NASCAR teams, allowing him to use the logos and designs of major sports teams on his screens. Fresh Air Screens has licenses to produce screens with the logos of thirty-two colleges. And it's not always used for play: The Illinois Department of Transportation order a twenty-four-foot screen for its salt warehouse.

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Written by Jon Corwin — March 04, 2012

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