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At Fresh Air Screens, we provide patented screens for your enclosed porches, patios, and garages. Whether you are looking into sealing off your gazebo, extending your living area, or simply enjoy the outdoors without nature’s intruders, Fresh Air Screens has you covered. Our screens are easy to install and maintain.

Adding accessories to your screen not only enhances the value by supporting the function of the screen, it can also extend the lifetime usage of the screen as well. Here are a couple of accessories that can keep your screen operating smoothly.

Loop Strips.

Loop is the soft side of the Hook and Loop system. It attaches directly to the opening by a self-adhesive backing. They sometimes require the most maintenance, due to prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures. We have everything you need to easily update your hook and loop system in one convenient location.

Rope and Pull systems

Keep your screen active without exerting a lot of time and effort with this roll-up companion. Installs easily using step-by-step instructions, and the overall care is as easy as the original screen. This accessory is compatible with Model C and Model D garage door screens.


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