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Loop Strips

Hook and loop (i.e. velcro) is the system that is used to attach Fresh Air Screens to the garage or similar structure. The hook  and loop system is made up of two parts, a rough side which is the hook and a softer side, which is the loop. The hooks clasp onto the loop to provide a closure mechanism. This system is used on all screen models. The hook side is sewn directly into the screen for a steadfast hold. The loop will be attached to the garage by its self-adhesive backing.


How to install your screen using the hook and loop method

·     Measure the area of the door or window frame where you want to attach the hook and loop.

·     Cut the loop tape into 3 strips, two for the height of the opening, and one strip for the header

·     Remove the sheet that protects the adhesive from the loop and press it against the part of the frame you’ve measured

·     When you are ready to mount your screen, press the hoop against the part of the screen frame that will hook onto the loop.

Instructions in full detail can be found on our Support Page.


Did you know your loop strips (i.e. the strips that attach the garage) are exposed to all weather elements?

   Because it is exposed to outdoor elements, the lifespan of these strips varies from location to location. Extreme temperatures, moisture, and wind are a few common things that might reduce the effectiveness of the loop strip adhesion. There are some ways you can extend the lifespan of your loop strips.

·     Clean the surface of your frame to remove grease, dirt, and oil that can interfere with adhesion. You can use soapy water or isopropyl alcohol; make sure the area has time to dry thoroughly before applying the loop strip.

·     Reinforce the loop strip by adding roofing nails or marine screws.


Need a replacement?

 Loop material may need to be replaced periodically. We have made it easy for you to find exactly what you need. Choose the color of the loop strip you would like to have. Black and white options are available to blend easily into most frames. Next, choose the size you need. Loop material is available in quantities based on the size of screen you have or by the foot. Once you have received your new loop strip, you are ready to replace your old strip.

·     Carefully remove the old strip.

·     Clean the surface of the frame to remove any residue left behind.

·     Cut the new strip into 3 strips and reapply using the same instructions as before.


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