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Rope and Pull System

Fresh Air Screens, Inc. is proud to provide convenient roll-up garage door screens. Model C and D conveniently roll-up allowing vehicle passage, foot passage, and anything else in between. The design is simple, really, just roll up the screen and secure it using the buckle and straps at the top.

We believe in convenience, though, so check out our Rope and Pull kits, which makes rolling up your screen easier than ever. Simply install this kit with your screen, and let the ropes do all your work for you.


What is in a Rope and Pull Kit?

Rope and pull kits vary slightly by size and model, but the basics are the same. You will have mounting brackets, eye screws, cleat(s), screws and, of course, rope. The rope is made from braided nylon and will come in various sizes depending on the size and model of your screen.

 Once your kit is installed, just follow these steps to enjoy your screen raised or lowered.

·         Unzip the zippers on the screen.

·         Pull the rope, rolling the screen into position.

·         Secure the ropes onto the cleat(s) attached to the frame.

·         To roll down your screen, simply unwind the rope from the cleat(s) and let the screen unroll.

·         Zip the screen again to seal the garage from bugs and leaves.

  *Note: Screens purchased with the Rope and Pull kit will not include the buckle and straps. The buckle and strap system will not interfere with the rope and pull kit function if the kit is added later.

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