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Enhance your home by adding charm and convenience with Fresh Air Screens. These versatile screens are being used in a variety of settings across the country to allow fresh air into the home and keep pesky bugs and debris out. Fresh Air Screens are designed to fit most architectural openings including garage doors, porches, patios, gazebos and more.


Did you know you can change the design of your garage or patio by adding a screen without altering the structure permanently? With a solid foundation in textile manufacturing and design, Fresh Air Screens are built using high-quality American materials. The core of its design features a durable, fiberglass mesh and is installed easily using simple techniques that require minimal time and supplies. Fresh Air Screens are installed without causing structural changes to your home and can be removed easily when not in use.

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 Fresh Air Screens are offered in four strategic designs based on zipper configurations to match your structure and lifestyle.


garage door screen model A diagram

  1. Model A  – Non-retractable garage door screens
This model is a non-retractable screen without a zipper, which makes it perfect for areas that do not have high foot traffic. They can be used as porch screens and patios screens to provide you with uninterrupted views of the outdoors. These screens can be installed in minutes using a simple hook and loop (e.g. Velcro) method.


  1. Model B – Non-retractable garage door screen with zipper garage door screen model B diagram
Walk into a better view with this non-retractable screen featuring a center zipper. This screen allows you to welcome guests to an outdoor dinner or party without being interrupted by bugs. Turn your garage quickly into a workshop, den, or outdoor living area without extreme structural changes.


  1. Model C – Retractable garage door screen featuring 2 zippers garage door screen model C diagram

This retractable (roll-up) model features two zippers, one on each end of the screen. Roll your screen manually and secure it using buckles and straps or pair it with an innovative but simple rope and pull system to quickly allow vehicle access into the garage. This model is the one that started it all. It is the original Fresh Air Screen and boasts the same, uninterrupted view as Model A with the additional convenience of passageway in and out by any mode of transportation.


  1. Model D – Retractable garage door screen featuring 3 zippers garage door screen model D diagram

Not sure which feature you want the most? With this model, you can have the best feature of every model wrapped in one. This model was designed with double garages in mind, so the secret to this screen is that it is two screens in one. Use the outer zippers to raise the entire screen at once or raise one panel at a time with the additional middle zipper. Secure your raised screen with buckles and straps, or with our convenient rope and pull system.


Fresh Air Screens, Inc. not only provides dependable, high-quality screens in eight standard sizes, but offers additional services as well.  Manufactured by experts in the industry, these patented screens may be customized to fit your unique home. Contact us now to speak with a representative to learn if your order qualifies for custom design.