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You ask, we answer! We've covered a lot of information in our Support Center and product pages, but there are still really great questions to cover. We've covered some of the most popular questions on this page. If you don't see the answer to your question, contact us and we will give you a response as soon as possible! 

Questions About Screen Products

What Kind of Fresh Air Screen Should I Use?

With several models to choose from, it's easy to get confused. Retractable screens like Models C and D are great to use as garage screens and will enclose garages, car ports, barns and similar structures that may allow vehicle entry. If you want to cover your porch or patio, stationary screens like Model A and B might provide enough coverage without the extra zippers. For more help with choosing a screen, visit our Support Center

What is the difference between a Vinyl Rod Pocket and a Mesh Rod Pocket? 

Recently, Fresh Air Screens, Inc., introduced a new line of screen products featuring a mesh rod pocket. This offers a change in aesthetics since many Fresh Air Screens are used in alternative areas besides garages. A mesh rod pocket is made from the same fiberglass mesh material as the screen. This lightweight material allows for a more relaxed fit while still maintaining the same dependable function of any other Fresh Air Screen. It also offers more subtle aesthetics compared to it's bold counterpart using vinyl.

How Do I Know if My Screen Rolls Up? 

Roll up screens use zippers to allow the screen to separate from the banding that attaches to the garage frame. In order to create this effect, a screen must have two or more zippers to release the screen from both sides of the frame.

Will this block my garage door?

No. Fresh Air Screens will not interfere with garage mechanisms or other equipment installed on your garage. They do not require tracks or other invasive equipment. When the garage screen is rolled up, the roll will sit facing outward so that the garage door will operate as usual. 

Questions About Accessories

What is Adhesive Loop?

All Fresh Air Screens attach to the frame using a hook and loop system (i.e. Velcro).  The hook side is sewn into the screen during production, and will not need to be replaced. The loop side attaches to the frame by a self-adhesive back, which is pressure sensitive and works well for indoor and outdoor uses. The life of the adhesive loop will vary, based on factors such as the surface it is on and the climate it is being used in. Because of this, we want to make ordering replacements as easy as possible. Additional adhesive loop is available in different colors in quantities of 10' and 20'. This allows you to order the length you need to replace, or order as much as you need for the entire screen.

Why Didn't My Screen Have a Rope and Pull Kit?  

Stationary screens do not have a rope and pull kit, so certain models may not have that option available. Retractable screens can feature the rope and pull kit or a set of buckles and straps at the top of your screen. Check the product page to see which style is offered. If you need additional help with ordering, let us know. Our representatives will be happy to help you get the right screen. 

Can I Remove My Rope and Pull Kit?  

Yes. Like the screens themselves, the rope and pull kits can be removed. This is especially helpful for families with small children who may want to remove the ropes from within reach. Before you remove your kit, you will want to make sure you have an alternative way to secure the bundle. If your screen was purchased with the buckles and straps, you will already have an alternative system in place. 

Can I Add Buckles and Straps Later?

No. Buckles and Straps are added to the screen during production. They cannot be added after purchase and are not available for separate purchase as an accessory. If you'd like to keep the buckles and straps when you order a screen with a rope and pull kit, call us to let us know. You will need to have your order number ready for us to submit the request. 

Questions About Installation

Is the Bottom Weighted?

All Fresh Air Screens have Rod Pockets built into the screen. They can be made with Vinyl or Fiberglass Mesh. We do not provide the rod, however we recommend a 3/4" plastic pipe cut to the width of the screen. In retractable garage screens, this rod will also help the screen bundle maintain its shape when it is rolled up. 

 Can the Fresh Air Screen be Mounted on the Inside of the Garage? 

No. The design allows the screen to be mounted on the header facing the street, to prevent interference with garage mechanisms.

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