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Remember Hilton Head Island? One of the ways they control the rat population is by taking special care of their vehicles. Your vehicles and your garages can create hiding places for pests of all shapes and sizes. Even if you are further inland, you are not excluded from invasion. Midwest garages might face mosquitos and mice, while further west, homeowners might find swarming grasshoppers and snakes.
We can help you put up a solid line of defense to protect your property by providing quality products and helpful tips. Your 1st defense against invasion is awareness. Stay alert and check out these tips!


Most pests that invade your space are sticking to the shadows. They are hiding from predators, and you are unknowingly offering them shelter. Make their hiding places uncomfortable by installing proper lighting. Some garages might benefit from LED light strips closer to the ground. Not only will this light up dark corners but prevent fall hazards as well. For bugs that are attracted to light, a bug lamp or two placed outside of the garage can do the trick.


Leftover food, pet food, and certain chemicals can attract pests by the scent. Of course, simply throwing away your trash may not prevent the smell from reaching hungry critters, especially if you keep garbage cans near the garage. Pick garbage cans that have sealing lids and store them away from your property if possible. You can also try using deterrents around the garbage bins.
Seal any pet supplies and chemicals tightly to prevent spills and odor. You can also try placing baking soda or coffee grounds around the garage to soak up odors. These odors won’t attract extra attention, and they are non-toxic, so it is a win-win solution.


While you want the garage to remain accessible, you do not want to make it easy for pests to get through. People are often quick to close the garage door to prevent critters from finding their way in, but it’s your space. Claim it. Screen the door to decrease opportunities for critters to get in.

Prepare for the Season

When is adding a Fresh Air Screen more important for your garage? It depends on where you live. For example, crickets can be a problem for people living in Texas during the late summer-early fall, when mating season begins. In the spring, stink bugs can become a problem for people living in Tennessee. You might find that critters do not bother your home until colder weather starts to set in and they start looking for warmer shelter. Whatever season it is for your state, you can be ready all year long.

What Customers Want to Know

Q. Will it keep large animals out?
A. The screen works as a boundary that will decrease the risk of critters coming into the garage. Aggressive animals, however, may need to be restrained. Fresh Air Screens are flexible and not intended to be security gates. 

Q. Will it keep my pets inside? 
A. Many customers have reported using the Fresh Air Screens successfully with their pets, despite the screens not being designed as a pet gate. The success of screens with pets depends on the nature and behavior of the pet. Pet owners with aggressive or hyper pets will need to consider additional security measures for their pets. Please do not leave pets unattended, as these are not security fences. 

Q. How does the Fresh Air Screen keep out pests? 
A. The Fresh Air Screen seals the garage door when it is not in use. The adhesive loop keeps the garage screen attached on the top and two sides of the garage coming down. Inserting rods in the rod pockets help keep the screen taught on the bottom of the garage. If your screen opens or rolls up, you find that the heavy-duty zipper(s) seals the center of the screen until you are ready to use it. 

Opportunities to Buy

Recently, Fresh Air Screens, Inc. began selling through retail markets – expanding shopping opportunities for all customers. 

Home Depot

Check out our full collection online at Home Depot. Select from any of our screen models – or if you already have one, check out our accessories, now available separately for convenient add-ons or replacement parts.


Love to shop at Lowes? Visit their online market to find Fresh Air Screens. While you are at it, you might even find some of those lighting solutions or deterrents we talked about earlier! It is your one-stop-shop for all your garage needs!
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