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Ventilation for Dock & Bay Doors

If you have been keeping the bay doors closed for safety reasons, your employees might be suffering. Improve work conditions immediately with Fresh Air Screens!

Fresh Air Screens are one of the most economical warehouse solutions.

When you're in charge of an active loading dock, you understand the challenges that come with managing the warehouse bay doors. If you leave the door open all the time, you run the risk of also allowing in any pest, stray animal, or passing stranger. Not just your inventory but employee safety is at risk when the dock door is open for very long.

When you are very busy, or when the weather is hot and muggy, you may need to keep the door open for longer periods. You can get the ventilation you need without compromising your company's safety and security by installing a Fresh Air Screen.

Business Access

The trick is to make sure that the only ones getting access to your goods are your employees while making sure your employees are safe and comfortable. A retractable screen door will allow air to flow freely while still maintaining a barrier from unwanted guests. It will be easier to get in through the screen door than to open the main doors every time there is a drop-off or delivery. You can still keep track of everyone who comes and goes, and the Fresh Air Screen will let you handle your many routine tasks quickly and efficiently without slowing down your routine.

Pest Control

You don't want any kind of pests in your business, but some are worse than others. If you have any kind of food in the building, ants, rats, and other kinds of pests will try to make their way in. They will not only consume anything they find, but they could destroy your property and cause you to lose thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. A screen allows fresh air in while keeping out even small pests, keeping your business safe from scavengers and animal waste.

Worker Safety

Your employees are probably your company's most valuable asset, and keeping them safe is one of your top goals. A Fresh Air Screen could provide the ventilation needed to turn stifling conditions into a much more comfortable working environment, also helping with worker productivity. By adding Fresh Air Screens, you can achieve greater levels of comfort without sacrificing employee safety.

The Key to Happy Inspectors

Commercial screens will help protect your positive review and scores from inspection reports. When inspectors show up, they won't see debris that has been blowing in through open doorways, which can make the floor appear dirty and potentially hazardous. When inspectors review food and clothing storage areas, they won’t find products being consumed by pests. Keep your wares safe and orderly by screening out birds, insects, and rodents by installing commercial roll-up bug screens.

How Do Retractable Screens Work?

Our retractable screens are made of high-quality fiberglass mesh with nylon finish to give you a sturdy, dependable product. They can easily be fitted right over your warehouse bay doors.

The Model C design is a roll-up screen with two heavy-duty zippers, while the Model D has multiple panels, allowing you to roll up one side at a time or both at the same time. You can use either one with a Rope & Pull Kit.

Who May Benefit?

Our Fresh Air Screens for dock and bay doors and provide benefits to our customers in several different industries, including:

  • the food and beverage industry
  • distribution warehouses
  • packaging manufacturers
  • farmworkers
  • and many others

When you are in charge of industrial docks, you have a lot of responsibilities. You need to keep track of everyone coming and going while ensuring the safety of your merchandise and workers. Fresh Air Screens are one of the easiest loading dock solutions to easily achieve multiple goals.

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