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Garage Start-Ups

When it comes to businesses in garages, you are thinking about auto shops, right? Perhaps your mechanic lives right down the road, and you can see several cars waiting for his attention, slowly rusting in front of the garage. Although auto services are traditional businesses to operate in a garage, they are not the only ones to find success from that location. There are a lot of ways you can turn your garage into a home business that is comfortable as well as efficient. 

Instruction Classes

Classes are perfect for a garage centered business because instruction can expand beyond the four walls. You can invite small groups in for face-to-face instruction, or you can also set up the area for online audiences through live and recorded lessons.
Using the garage rather than your home helps to separate your professional contacts from your private life and family. Not only does this provide a sense of security for your family, but it also maintains a professional appearance. It can also reduce the risk of online viewers noticing your private life if you do not wish to include your home and family in your online presence.
The type of classes you teach from a garage is not limited by the place but by the instructor. You do not have to teach car maintenance or workshop tutorials but can teach anything from education, crafts, fitness, and more. This unique location not only offers plenty of storage but also provides enough space to move freely with activity and equipment. 

Art and Design

Art and design businesses might include crafts, painting, digital art, and more. The garage provides plenty of space for creativity. Some art supplies such as paints, turpentine, setting sprays, and other materials may give off a strong odor. Being able to open windows and the large garage door can help the artist breathe clean air to stay healthy and focus more.
Take advantage of being able to transport your art indoors and outdoors quickly. Scenic views and fresh air can help an artist feel inspired, but outdoor elements can damage supplies if they are left out. Utilizing areas such as a garage can help expand your work area while maintaining an enclosed environment for storage and safekeeping.
Some artworks that utilize oils may need additional considerations if storing finished pieces. Consider adding insulation to control air moisture as well as a security system to prevent theft. Many garages can have these features added for a reasonable cost, which may be a better investment than renting an offsite studio.

Office and Tech

It is no surprise that many technical giants started in offices, but even daily business operations can take place in a garage. Bookkeepers and data entry specialists can comfortably work from home. Even customer service providers can assist from their garages with the right phone and internet services. 
Many companies are finding the benefits of offering positions that work from home. Work-from-home offices can reduce overhead costs in some situations, and increased flexibility can allow for greater access to services. The recent pandemic has caused some companies to try this arrangement; however, the last-minute switch caught many employees off-guard and ill-prepared. It would benefit companies, even if they prefer on-site employment, to at least prepare for and train employees on how to handle their duties from home in the event of an emergency.

Some additional changes may need to be done to your garage to protect your business. Many professionals access private information like company resources and client contact information. Your company will determine the level of security your garage office will need to provide before becoming compliant with their protocols. You can easily install locked cabinets and drawers, as well as security systems with alarms and cameras if required.]

A Bold Finish for a Productive Garage

You want your workspace to be comfortable – and if your garage feels stuffy or gross, productivity will be the last thing on your mind. Ventilation, temperature control, and privacy are a few things you can improve immediately by adding a Fresh Air Screen from the very start of your garage conversion project.


Unless your business involves automobiles, we recommend using stationary screens for your garage door. These allow you to open the garage door without removing the screen, but they are convenient when you do not need to roll them up.

Model A

Model A could not be simpler to use. It does not have an entrance, so it enhances locations that use a side door. It allows air in, with a good view out. Installation is practically an afterthought.  

Model B 

 If you use the garage door to move supplies, work equipment, or to welcome people in, then Model B will enhance your workspace. It does not roll up, but it does have a center zipper to create a spacious opening.
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