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When it comes to marketing, online advertising has become the center of attention for most companies. However, sign makers and billboard companies know that any physical space that catches the eyes of a passerby can boost sales tremendously. However, shoppers have gotten used to the mundane and can gloss over traditional signs without a second thought.
That is why some shop owners have turned to artists to appeal to an alternative design altogether – wall art. Historically speaking, painting on buildings has not always been positively received. The stigma against mural graphics stems from graffiti and messages left on buildings without permission. However, some artists found that the right art on the right buildings can draw the right attention – and that is what we want to address today.


Sure, if your business is predominantly online or serving customers worldwide, using your building for marketing advantages would be pointless. For today, though, let us talk about local business; family-owned, small start-up businesses, even entrepreneurs who are just getting started. 
Unlike online advertising, memes, or graphics, wall art draws the attention of the community. Even Thomas Kincaid got to know his neighbors better through painting the murals in his hometown. (How do I know that? Watching Thomas Kincade's Christmas Cottage from 2007, of course!) 
Recently, cities and small towns alike have used murals to help express community values or local history; since local businesses support their communities, they too can be a part of that. 
In business, your customers are part of your community. By creatively expressing values and standards, you can send a powerful message to potential buyers and increase interest in your business. It can also transcend generation barriers as people relate to art differently.


Garage graphics convey messages quickly. If done in poor taste or quality, it can come across as unprofessional or unintentional. However, if done well, it can make an impact on potential customers. 
If you are considering garage graphics for your business, sketch out a few designs with an artist and ask a business partner or colleague to tell you the message behind it. You will quickly learn if the design conveys the right idea. 

Products or Services

Use art to depict the kind of products or services a potential customer might find when they walk through that door. Because our focus is on garage graphics, you might be thinking of car repair, detailing services, or something similar in the auto industry. 
Depicting business products and services through garage graphics can show that you are excited about what your business offers and tells the customer that they can be excited too. 
Do not limit your imagination to the auto industry. Businesses that offer fitness or dance classes, hair and nail salons, or even local publishers can make the unused space on their garages the focal point for local advertising.


Some businesses choose to not only express their products or services through the garage graphics but values and history as well. For example, Mo’s Garage Salon Experience in Gainesville, Florida, is a beauty salon made from a garage. Rather than depicting scenes commonly found in a salon, the artist, Shawn Maschino, depicted the parents of the business owner. Now, Monica Albert’s graphics reflects family values first, conveying that her customers are welcomed warmly and treated with friendly service!
Business Garage Graphics
(image used with permission)


Businesses strive to keep up with trends, and with good reason. Trends keep customers interested because they can relate to business in the current moment. Be cautious with using graphics that include trends because you do not want the design to become a wash on the wall. On the other hand, even though some trends fade, others are considered classic. Like '67 Chevies, sometimes classics look good on garage graphics. 

Supporting Local Businesses

Every community wants to support local businesses. Adding local business advertisements that catch a positive influence can bring that spotlight back to local businesses. In addition to supporting local businesses, garage graphics can, in turn, support local artists who, just like local businesses, need a powerful way to advertise.

Garage Doors

Pay attention to the garage door on the building. When first considering a garage for a business center, the garage door may seem like an eyesore, but use it to your advantage. You can use it for your mural or leave it a plain color that will accent a garage graphic on the wall. Either way, coordinate the door with the walls so that the mural will not clash with the door. Another thing to bear in mind, if you are considering where to put the graphic, is whether or not you will be leaving the door down. If you want to be able to raise the garage door, you could be hiding the art that is doing the advertising for you.
Use your Fresh Air Screen to your advantage if you are using garage graphics to attract potential customers. Any business taking place in a garage can benefit from having garage doors, allowing air to circulate, and pushing fumes out. Fresh Air Screens blend in by design – to accent the art with sleek, dark colors that appeal to your audience by expressing the idea of being open but still protected from outdoor elements. Raise and lower your garage door screen or choose our stationary model with a walk-through entrance if desired.  


Two screens stand above the others to enhance the design of the businesses operating from garages. As you consider which would work best for your business, think about the services offered at your location and surrounding décor. Function and design should always meet together for the ideal product. 

Model C – Retractable

Model C is a single panel garage door that utilizes zippers on the sides of the screen to roll up, which allows an uninterrupted view that may appeal to customers as well as to employees. These would work well for businesses that focus on automobile services.

Model B – Non-retractable

This model features a discreet zipper in the center of the screen to welcome customers who are entering on foot. This screen would work well for businesses with heavy foot traffic, such as fitness classes, salons, and more.
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