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Creating Your Own Home Theatre

COVID19 changed the theatre scene in 2020, making streaming networks more important than ever. Movie theatres were already struggling to maintain the same number of viewers since home television centers have become rather impressive. Still, having a theater experience brings the family together more than simply binging out in front of the tv. When low lights meet popcorn smells, suddenly movie scores sound a little more exciting.
Sure, you can have a great tv center in your living room but decluttering your unused garage for a fuller Hollywood experience might be the 2021 project you have been waiting for! Try these tips to turn your garage into the most engaging home theatre in the neighborhood.  
Okay, okay, I realize I put the last step first but hear me out. Viewers agree that one of the things to set the theater experience apart from watching tv at home is the food. So, if you are not sure if you want to convert your garage into a home theatre, just let this vintage popcorn machine from Home Depot convince you once and for all!
The size and type of TV you choose depends on your style. Some people stick with mounting flat-screen TVs to their wall, while others choose to use a classic projector, like this Kodak projector that can project up to 150 inches.(Between the projector and the vintage popcorn machine, don't blame me if you start to feel a bit nostalgic! Ah, bring on those family memories!)
Depending on your tv set-up, you may want to consider a sound bar or surround speakers. Keep in mind though, while you and your friends are watching the latest Disney film, your neighbors might be trying to sleep. Try adding soundproof padding or insulation to the walls. Did you know adding carpet or rugs can also reduce unwanted noise?  
Try painting the interior of the garage with dark tones to freshen up the atmosphere and slightly darken the theatre. You can sometimes find old movie reels to use for decoration,  along with movie posters, cut-outs, etc. Like your rugs and carpet, you will want to keep curtains thick and dark for blackouts. Depending on how far out your television sits, you can even create a full curtain enclosure when movies are not playing using rods and curtains.
Maintaining adequate light is a safety issue. Trips to the bathroom might temporarily disrupt a movie, but a trip hazard can quickly turn into an emergency. Just like real theaters, you can add LED light strips to prevent falls. Installing them lower to the floor will prevent the lights from interfering with the show. Are you still looking for a light strip? Try this Voice-controlled light strip by GE from Lowes.

Semi-outdoor Experience

Want to enjoy an outdoor movie experience without outdoor movie interruptions? You can leave your garage door open to feel the night air just like drive-in theatres, but do not forget to use a Fresh Air Screen to block out mosquitos and moths!


We recommend using stationary screens for home theaters, simply because you do not have to worry about the roll-up features if you are not moving vehicles through them. You might not need a walkway through the screen if you have an entry on the side. However, if your guests are entering through the garage opening, you might want to have a zippered entry. For this reason, we recommend model B – the stationary screen with a middle zipper.
Model B
Model B is a popular stationary screen that features a center zipper for walk-through entries. The screen expands outward comfortably like a curtain to allow people through with ease. It goes on quickly with adhesive hook and loop, so hardware is unnecessary to use this model. The adhesive loop is replaceable, and you can install it within minutes!
Model A
Model A can also work for home theaters because it is also a stationary screen. Use this model for home theater projects that have a separate entryway, such as a side door on the garage. Keep in mind, this single panel screen does not include a built-in entryway, but it can be easily removed and put back up using the hook and loop system.

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