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Spring is finally here, and summer is fast approaching. This means more time spent outdoors, enjoying the sunny weather with your friends and family. Where will you spend your time during those sunny days? Most likely on your porch or patio, of course! We want to make your summer experiences better than ever with our porch and patio screens.

Patio enclosures not only transform an average patio into an amazing outdoor living area but are also an effective way of keeping it clean. Did you know Fresh Air Screens® are not only for garages? We offer models that make patio enclosures a breeze. Of course, we offer retractable models that allow vehicle entrance, but we also provide non-retractable models that can keep your patio or porch comfortable without obstructing the beautiful sunny view.

Apart from adding visual charm to your home, let’s discuss the other benefits of a screened-in patio.

They keep insects and bugs at bay

Let’s be real, bugs can turn your warm, lazy evening on your patio into a miserable experience. Having insects buzzing around is not only annoying, but their bites can really ruin a pleasant day. Although insect repellents could be effective, you would need to apply them repeatedly, and the smells can be overbearing. A bug screen will effectively keep away any insects and bugs without any extra effort from you after installation. One investment in a porch screen can save you from having to invest even more from pest repellent and control.

They reduce your patio and balcony maintenance requirements

A balcony or patio is a beautiful feature in a home, however, keeping it clean and tidy takes a lot of work. Unlike other enclosed areas of the home, patios and balconies are exposed to leaves, twigs, and all forms of debris. Apart from protecting your outdoor living area from such, patio and balcony screens also protect your outdoor furniture from the relentless summer sun. This reduces fading and associated wear.

They provide you with a place to entertain guests even in bad weather

A patio is a perfect place to host an outdoor get-together, but what do you do when a summer rain pops up? Fresh Air Screens can help shelter you and your guests from the storms. You are guaranteed of an outdoor living area that perfectly blends with your home’s overall look rather a patio that looks like an afterthought. A screened patio is a perfect place to entertain your guests regardless of the weather.

A screened patio offers you the best of both worlds

An outdoor privacy screen allows you to enjoy the outdoors on your patio or balcony while at the same time experiencing the same level of comfort and protection as being indoors. Often, when homes are located in close proximity, privacy is invaded. With a patio or a balcony privacy screen, you can enjoy the outdoors without the fear of being easily seen by nosy neighbors and passersby.

Understanding the best solution for your patio enclosure

When looking into the right patio screen, you’ll want to make sure that the screen is made from material that standups to time and weather conditions. We offer screens made with a netted mesh that blocks out bugs, leaves, and other debris. All models of screens are available in many sizes to meet your needs!

A patio or balcony screen is a great investment. Apart from the mentioned benefits, a patio screen can significantly add to your property’s value. At Fresh Air Screens, we are committed to quality and have over 10 years of experience in screen making. Contact us today and let's help you secure your patio or balcony from bugs and debris.

More about Fresh Air Screens

Our screens are proudly made in the USA at a 65,000 sq. ft. industrial sewing and fulfillment facility. Our parent company, Houston Mfg. & Design, Inc., has been producing innovative textile goods since 1981 and has been manufacturing Fresh Air Screens for over ten years.

We offer free shipping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products offered through our freshairscreens.com. If you are not completely satisfied with your Fresh Air Screen®, please return it for a refund or exchange for another product. Our screens are such a trusted product they are also available in major home improvement retailers like Home Depot and Lowes.


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