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Where is the Fresh Air Screen® mounted on a garage door opening?

The Fresh Air Screen® is mounted on the street side of the garage door, one inch in front (street side) of the weather strip/door stop on the doorjambs and header, which the garage door is mounted against.

Can the garage door be closed witht the Fresh Air Screen® mounted? 

Yes. The Fresh Air Screen® does not interfere with the opening and closing of the garage door. 

Can the Fresh Air Screen® be left up full time during the season? 

Yes. The Fresh Air Screen® is designed to be left up throughout the season. The hook and loop system makes the Fresh Air Screen® easy to install at the start of the season and easy to remove to be stored for the winter months or for any other time during the year.

Can you leave the Fresh Air Screen® up and drive a car in and out of the garage?

Yes. With double zippers you can unzip the screen and roll the screen up and lock it in place. This allows the screen to remain installed, while allowing a vehicle to be driven in and out of the garage.

What holds the Fresh Air Screen® to the floor?

Nothing. However, we recommend you put a 3/4" plastic electric conduit in the pouch that is sewn into the bottom of the screen. This keeps the wind from blowing the screen and also provides rigidity across the bottom of the screen. This will allow one person to roll the screen up.

Can I order a custom size or angled screen?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide custom sizes and angled screens at this time. 

Does my order come with a rope and pull kit?

Rope and pull kits, along with other accessories, such as hook/loop are sold separately. Rope and Pull kits can be added to any Model C or Model D screens. Rope and Pull kits do require installation, and so if you are including this, disregard the basic instructions and follow the instructions for your Model with Rope and Pull.

What is the warranty on the Fresh Air Screens®?

Learn more warranty information » /pages/support


CONSUMER WARNING: The Fresh Air Screen® has been engineered to keep insects, pests and trash out while letting fresh air and sunlight in. It is not designed to be a security wall and will not prevent children, adults or aggressive animals from getting in or out of the garage and therefore, possibly into your home.