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We invite you to see how Fresh Air Screens have added charm and convenience for customers across the country. Screens can be added to your garage, porch, patio or similar structural opening. Use them to enhance personal or commercial properties. It’s a difference you can see!


Fresh Air Screens 

Check out the original Fresh Air Screen®. This patented design was built to keep your home protected from bugs, leaves, and other debris that can be carried in by the wind. It’s charcoal colour will match your structure’s design without giving it a second thought.

Look close – our screens are 100% American  made using fiberglass mesh featuring a18/16 weave and are finished with high quality nylon framing and heavy-duty zippers.


Model A (Non-retractable)

This model is a basic Fresh Air Screen without zippers. It allows for uniterrupted views to areas that do not have a lot of traffic. It makes the perfect porch screen or patio screen. Did you know this screen can also be used for gazebos? 


Model B (Non-retractable)

This convenient screen can truly open up your porch or workshop without causing permanent changes to your structure. The center zipper allows foot traffic through to your extended space making it perfect to extend your living space through garages, porches, and similar structures. 

 Model C (retractable)

This model is the very first model for Fresh Air Screens. Two zippers, one on each side, creates a roll-up function that is easy to use. Either roll it up by hand or use a rope and pull kit for additional convenience. This garage door screen makes vehicle entry possible without installing difficult  hardware. 

View: Rolled Down


View:  Rolled Up


View: Rope and Pull Kit Installed

 Model D (retractable)

This model features all the best features in one screen. With 2 outer zippers and 1 center zipper, you can choose to open the full garage screen, or half the screen at the same time. This special garage door screen fits all the same structures and sizes the other screens fit, but we highly recommend this screen for two car garages. 

View: Rolled Down


View: Rolled Down, With Rope and Pull Kit