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..."Worth every penny! I have a 2 car garage converted into a wood shop. I like working with both doors wide open. But in the summer it's almost impossible to work in the shop because of the swarm of mosquitoes constantly nipping at me while I'm trying to work. Since installing the garage door screen, I have been able to work even into the evening without being eaten alive." -Mike, New Jersey

"Just wanted to thank you again for the service and great product. I completely enclosed my patio with Fresh Air Screens. I ordered four different sizes, as well as the Rope and Pull System, and they worked perfectly. They were easy to install and easy to use. With the high winds in California making a mess of leaves on the patio, the screens were just what I needed! And at a very reasonable price. Thank you again!" -Gary and Linda,  California

"The screen is terrific! Our garage faces the afternoon sun and used to get hot and the glare was terrible. A Fresh Air Screen was just the thing! The screen was easy to install. In a matter of minutes it was up and we felt an immediate temperature difference and the glare was gone. This is a great product and we just wanted you to know how really impressed we are." -Bill and Jeanna, CA

"We have had several comments on this screen and a couple of our friends were going to purchase the same screen. We used this screen at a baby shower we had in our garage. It was like adding an addition onto our house. It kept the bugs out and allowed a nice breeze to come in. We will be using this over and over again" -Nazer, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"We just love the garage door screen! It's like having another room in the house." -Chevies