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You are probably thinking this is going to be an advanced shop talk, but this might surprise you.There are some things that we can learn from professional garages to apply to our personal garages without a lot of effort. 

These are things I once thought only mechanics should have, but as it turns out, even I can use them. If you have read some of our other blogs, you might realize that I know quite a bit about garages, but maybe not the most about cars. So, when I say these are things anyone can use in their garage, I mean they are truly user-friendly and accessible to everyone. Did I mention they make life a little easier? 


The first thing most people notice that is different between their home garage and a professional garage is the level of organization. Truthfully, if my mechanic's garage looked as chaotic as mine did last year, I probably wouldn't trust them with my car. 
I know what you are thinking – they have the time and the resources to develop that level of organization. With a little help from these gadgets, you can get there too!

Rolling Tool Chest

Okay, you hung up a few pegboards in your garage, but somehow, when your car needs maintenance, your tools are still nowhere to be found. Consider investing in a rolling tool chest to organize your tools and make them more easily accessible. Not only will this improve your organization, but they will remain easily accessible if you repair your vehicle inside the garage or out in your driveway. Home Depot has a lot of options for rolling tool chests, like this Rolling Tool Box by Husky.


When it comes to repairs, you want to keep a trusted mechanic on your contact list. However, there are some things you might be able to take care of on your own, and here are some tools to help!

Diagnostic Code Reader

I find it frustrating when I bring my vehicle to a mechanic because the check engine light is on, and I have no other clue for him to go on. Not only do I find it unhelpful, but I must also trust the mechanic without much more evidence. With the help of a code reader, like this Craftsman automotive code reader from Lowes, I can feel confident in knowing what my mechanic is talking about. 

Tire Inflator

For some people, this might sound basic, but many people, like myself, depend on gas station Air pumps and Jiffy Lube to get us through the day. Adding a tool like this Powermate Heavy Duty Digital Tire Inflator”  to your garage can quickly elevate your garage from home to pro. This affordable device can keep your tires turning on your cars, trucks, and bikes with little effort. The digital screen takes the guesswork out of how much air to add. 


Garage storage and tools are not the only things you can find online at Lowes and Home Depot. In 2020, Fresh Air Screens, Inc transitioned to selling through these retail partners. That means Fresh Air Screens are more accessible to all garages across the US – both professional garages and private garages.


You can find our classic Fresh Air Screen in the most popular sizes by visiting Lowes online. All the screens here feature two zippers (on each side of the screen). These zippers allow the screen to roll up, making them perfect for all garages.

Home Depot

You can find our complete catalog on the Home Depot website. This catalog features all our garage door screens, including the 2-zipper and 3-zipper screens to fit single and double garages. We also have accessories available separately for your convenience!


For professional and private garages, we recommend completing your design with our retractable models. Both models allow vehicle entrance, due to the outer zippers.

Model C

This retractable (roll-up) model features two zippers, one on each end of the screen. Roll your screen manually and secure it using buckles and straps or pair it with a rope and pull kit to add vehicle entry to your garage. This model is the one that started it all. It is the original Fresh Air Screen and boasts the uninterrupted view as Model A with the added convenience of a passageway in and out by any mode of transportation.

Model D

Built specifically for double garages, this Fresh Air Screen features two panels separated by a third zipper. You can raise the entire screen at once just like model C, or you can pick a side to raise while keeping the other side covered.


You can order your Fresh Air Screen with a Rope and Pull Kit from Home Depot. This convenient pulley system allows your screen to be raised and lowered simply by pulling a rope and securing it around a cleat. If you ordered a standard screen with buckles and straps, you could always add a rope and pull kit later if you choose to. 
Would you like to know more about Fresh Air Screens for your project? We would love to hear from you! Contact us today and experience the fresh air like you never have before!

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