Adhesive Loop for Your Screens

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The hook and loop system is the system used to attach Fresh Air Screens to the garage, porch, or patio. It is used on all models and is already included in your screen order. Hook and loop accessories are a type of closure system that is already included in your screen order. This system uses two parts, a rough side (the hook) and a soft side (loop). The hook strip is pre-sewn into the screen, and the loop strip attaches to your garage by an adhesive backing.

How to install hook and loop to secure your screen

  • Measure the area of the door or window frame where you want to attach the hook and loop.
  • Cut the hook and loop tape into 3 strips, two for the height of the door or window and one strip for the header
  • Remove the sheet that protects the adhesive from the loop and press it against the part of the window or door you’ve measured
  • Take the hoop and remove the adhesive’s protective sheet. Press the hoop against the part of the screen frame that will hook onto the loop.
  • Press the screen onto the already installed loops. You can hammer in roofing nails to the corners of the screens for a long term hold.

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The hook side of this system is pre-sewn into your screen and is not sold separately. Usually the part of the system that periodically needs to be replaced is the loop strip. If you need help with your hook strip, contact us!


The adhesive loop material is made to last outdoors. But we know some factors can affect the adhesion. Prior to installing your screen, clean the surface area well and allow it to dry. This will remove particles or substances that may interfere with the adhesive material. Extreme temperatures or moisture can also change the adhesiveness. We recommend applying roofing nails or marine screws to the loop strip if your area experiences these conditions. Do not apply nails or sharp items to the screen itself.



The loop strip is exposed when the screen is removed. The loop strip is available in black or white to blend in with your frame when the screen is not being used. If your frame is darker, we recommend using black, and if your frame is white or a light color, we recommend the white color to blend in easier.


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