Model B (1 Zipper, Non-Retractable)

Model B (1 Zipper, Non-Retractable)

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Experience Fresh Air!

Our Model B Screen is a non-retractable garage door screen that keeps out insects, pests and leaves while your garage and/or living space is open. It's unique design makes it perfect for patios, porches, and more!


Choosing your options

Choose your size. Need help choosing which size will fit your structure best? Check out this helpful guide. If you don't see your size here, contact us for a custom size quote. 

Hook and Loop. Your screen already comes with a hook and loop system. While the hook side (attached to the screen) is black to blend in with the screen, the loop material is white to blend in with most structures. You can easily add loop material here (by screen-size) or visit our accessories page to view all the options. Now available in black and white!


 American-made quality and 100% money back guarantee! 

  • One zipper

  • Charcoal-colored nylon material

  • Easy installation with this guide

  • FedEx Ground Shipping (5-7 business days to ship)

  • One year warranty

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No. This screen is not designed to roll up. It features 1 zipper in the center to allow foot traffic. While it can be used on any large openings, it pairs especially well with areas that will allow foot traffic. Try using this screen with a porch or patio using these ideas for inspiration.


Caring for this screen is easy. Your kit includes everything required to enjoy fresh air in your extended living space. You may include a weighted rod like a pvc pipe (recommended) into the rod pocket at the bottom of the screen. Wash with soapy water and let dry thoroughly. Leave it up year-round or store it when the seasons change, but don't store it in extreme temperatures or with moisture as this can affect the quality of the screen. No special maintenance is required, however if the adhesive loop needs to be replaced for any reason, we have that available for purchase.



If you do not see the screen you need, please email the screen size and model you need to


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