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Protect Botanical Gardens with Fresh Air Screens

Audrey Hepburn once said, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”
The hometown of Fresh Air Screens, Inc. is affectionately called the City of Roses. It is so named for the rose garden situated in the center of the town, next to the largest park in the city, and trails along the busiest road, where drivers can’t help but to absorb the beauty of the flowers even as they rush into work.. It is a popular spot for senior photos, wedding photos, anniversary gatherings, and a few benches welcome visitors to rest for a while, momentarily sheltered from city life. 
Public and Botanical gardens still have a place in modern life, especially because of the refuge they provide from the bustling life of work, school, after-school activities and daily responsibilities. In the midst of a city driven by push notifications on cellular devices, alarm clocks, and traffic lights, there is still the sweet aroma of peonies, roses, and succulents rising from the tender care of horticulturists and faithful volunteers. How can Fresh Air Screens enhance gardens like these?

Fresh Air Screens in Botanical Exhibits

There are many places where a person might enjoy the use of Fresh Air Screens in botanical gardens. Gardens are the places where nature and social lives collide, so it makes sense that there are areas that may require a barrier between the two that doesn’t interfere or disconnect the two.
Gazebos and Shelters
Many gardens offer gazebos or sheltered spaces with benches, picnic tables, or photo ops. These are perfect areas for gathering friends and families to engage in the moment together and gather memories through picnics, photos and selfies, or simply resting and soaking in the atmosphere. Sometimes these areas can offer protection from natural elements, while still connecting visitors with nature. Screens can enhance some of these areas, by keeping out bugs, shading sunlight, and helping to regulate temperate through the fresh air allowed to circulate.
Private Tours
Screens can help define specific areas that are reserved for private tours and events. These screens allow some additional privacy and can be used as polite barriers to help separate private parties from public tourists. No, Fresh Air Screens are not privacy screens, and may not block areas fully from view, but they do take focus off areas from the outside and work well to enhance reserved areas.
Enclosed Exhibits
Some botanical gardens offer enclosed exhibits, such as the Chicago Botanic Garden, which features a butterfly exhibit that is filled with different species from around the world. Using patio screens, like those offered by Fresh Air Screens, Inc. can help create enclosures that allow guests to pass through while protecting the butterflies from wandering away from their reserved habitat.
Storage Areas
Horticulturists and volunteers need to store and access special tools and equipment to take care of the gardens shared by the surrounding communities. Of course, commonly used gardening tools are necessary for planting, weeding, feeding and watering the flowers. Shovels, pots, gloves, seeds, and other items are often stored for staff and volunteer use. These are often stored in a shed, barn, or similar structure. Utilizing screens can help keep these screens more accessible during a busy day, while still keeping them separate from public areas.

Ordering a Commercial Fresh Air Screen

Fresh Air Screens offer several models to choose from, to create the ideal enclosure or entry way for any location. They are designed to be flexible, versatile, and convenient as the first solution for every screening need.
Fresh Air Screens can be used to enhance many areas found in a public or botanical garden. When choosing a Fresh Air Screen, keep in mind who the intended user will be, as well as who or what else may encounter the screen. For example, in a butterfly enclosure, a retractable screen may cause a potential breach in the enclosure. Alternative screens, such as non-retractable screens would suit these areas better.
Nonretractable screens
Botanical gardens might benefit the most from nonretractable screens. They enhance boundaries easily, in areas that do not require vehicle entry. For areas that allow visitors through, particularly in areas that allow private tours or enclosed exhibits can use the center Zipper featured in model B, while areas that do not allow guests to pass through might take more advantage from the seamless view of Model A. Both are stationary screens, meaning their design works best for enclosures.
Alternatives – Retractable Screens
Gardening staff and volunteers may find retractable screens beneficial in areas that house supplies or gardening equipment. They make accessibility to storage areas fast and convenient.  Accessories are available for these screens to enhance the roll-up feature. When considering which kind of screens to use, make a list of the kind of equipment that will be stored, and who would have access to them. If you are not sure, a representative can help determine what model might enhance your location best.


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