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Ride-sharing services have boomed in recent decades. They are often the topics of controversies, but without doubt, they have revolutionized public transportation services. They have also changed employment opportunities for drivers as well. This industry has increased job opportunities for people with valid driver’s licenses and a good driving history. 
Driving for Share Ride Services
Why do people choose to drive for ride-share companies like Uber and Lyft? Unlike other transportation services, there are not a lot of extensive requirements for employment opportunities, and drivers have more control over their own schedule. This flexibility makes this industry appealing for people who are juggling work and educational courses, need a part-time job, or simply enjoy driving as their main job description while still enjoying time at home. It also gives experience that may be necessary for other public transportation careers down the road.
Drivers understand the importance of caring for their vehicle. It is no longer a personal vehicle, but a public transportation vehicle. Companies like Uber and Lyft are always raising the standards for public transportation safety and security. Good drivers want to stay in line with these standards, so they will pay special attention to the state of their vehicles. While companies can establish guidelines for these standards, it is the driver’s responsibility to maintain their vehicle and keep it in good operating conditions.
Here are some friendly reminders and tips for drivers!
Research the Hiring Company
Many ride-share companies are the center of controversy and for good reasons. Despite booming growth trends in this industry, there is still an alarming lack of regulation and consistent standards for safety, security, and basics like insurance.
Before agreeing to drive for a company, research their history. Look at what measures they take to protect their drivers and passengers, what insurance they offer (or what you qualify for). There are several companies out there, and some may have better standards than others.
Speaking of insurance standards, take a look at the fine print before signing your name. Ride-share companies require you to carry insurance. Insurance may be provided through the company during transportation, but not all insurances offer the same coverage. Make sure you understand what your plan covers before driving.
Vehicle Maintenance
Vehicle maintenance is always important, but this must be emphasized when the vehicle is used for commercial industries like ride-share companies. It should be in good operating conditions and maintain good cosmetic appearance.
Yeah, we said it. If you want to drive professionally, your vehicle must look good and run well. It’s that simple… right?
Inspections are often required with the company, but also may be part of state or local regulations. Check in your area to see the requirements. It is also a good idea for drivers to do safety inspections of their own before transporting passengers. Basic safety checks should inspect tire conditions, fluid levels, and indicators like the check engine lights.
Car Cosmetics
Your car should look great on the inside as well as the outside. Passengers are already on high alert regarding their personal safety, so they are going to inspect the driver and the car, even if they are not obvious about their concerns. A car that is beaten or damaged is going to raise red flags for the passengers, so companies may reject drivers simply based on the appearance of the vehicle.
To maintain a good appearance on the outside of the vehicle, the vehicle should be stored in a sheltered area, like a car port or garage. If your home does not already have one, check with your neighborhood policies to see if a shelter can be added.
Ordering a Commercial Fresh Air Screen
Garage screens can help shelter your car from outdoor elements. Debris that can be tracked into the garage can damage the paint or glass on the vehicle. Give your vehicle the additional protection of a garage screen without worrying about expensive renovations to your garage.


Garage screens are essential accessories for all transportation services, because they depend on shelters like garages and carports. Garage screens feature a retractable (roll-up) feature, allowing vehicles to pass through without having to remove or uninstall the entire screen system.
The Classic Fresh Air Screen
Ride-share drivers are often using a personal vehicle, so model C is more likely to provide the coverage needed for a single car garage. The single panel screen rolls-up conveniently using the side zippers. This classic Fresh Air Screen traditionally uses a strap and buckle system to secure the screen when rolled up, but ride-share drivers might benefit the most by upgrading their screens to include the rope and pull kit instead, because they may access their garage more frequently than most residential garage owners.
For drivers who own multiple vehicles or participate in vehicle renting for other drivers, a model D screen may be preferred. This screen is also retractable (rolls-up) but features two panels that can be raised independently or together as the same screen.

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