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Every. Good. Design. Has. Pockets. It’s okay if you repeat after me. This brilliant concept is what makes fashion and function come together like a dream team. You know what I mean because you’ve had a jacket or jeans without pockets. Worse still, you probably felt deceived by a false pocket only to find it won’t open, and your keys just got caught on lame stitching. What even was the point?

 Although we specialize in garage screens, we understand the feeling, which is why we take our pockets so seriously. You can trust that our screens will always have rod pockets, ready to help keep your screen secured with a weighted rod. It is one of the things that sets our screens apart from all the rest. But did you know…?

Fresh Air Screens Started with Vinyl Rod Pockets

This accent piece was more than just a finishing touch; it was the first and last defense against unwanted debris. It also served to maintain the screen bundle after it was rolled-up. If a screen came without a rod pocket, you knew it wasn’t complete. It wasn’t a Fresh Air Screen.
The vinyl rod pocket also offers our boldest aesthetics. The dark border framing the screen is a fresh accent to any decor.  

Fresh Air Screens Added Mesh Rod Pockets

In 2020, due to popular request, Fresh Air Screens, Inc. decided to make the rod pockets from the same material as the screen itself – fiberglass mesh. This updated design reduced the weight of the screen, which reduces the pull of the screen on the adhesive loop. Customers can easily control the weight by the selection of the rod. 
This design update also provided an alternative aesthetic for screens used in different areas. While vinyl rod pockets complete the bold look, fiberglass mesh pockets are more discreet for areas of view, such as for porches, patios, and gazebos. 

Fresh Air Screens Gives Every Customer Good Options

Because both designs have great benefits, we wanted to offer the best of both worlds to our customers. We have recently opened the full line of Fresh Air Screens, with vinyl rod pockets and with mesh rod pockets. Choose your side, only on Home Depot's website!
Want to see the difference? See it in action here!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My screen does not roll-up. Will it still have a rod pocket?  
A. Yes – all models and sizes will have a rod pocket built-in. Although it maintains the shape of the bundle when screens are rolled up, this is not the only purpose. It also helps keep the screen taut, to keep it from pulling away from the adhesive loop, and also to help seal against unwanted pests and debris.

Q. Is the rod included with my purchase? 
A. No. Rods are not included with your purchase, because although we recommend PVC pipes, other people have found other kinds of weighted rods that work better for them. We also recommend using nothing larger than a ¾” rod to prevent damage.  

Q. How long is the rod pocket?  
A. The rod pocket will fit along the length of each panel of the screen, which means Model B and Model D screens will have two rod pockets. Essentially, it will extend the full length of the screen but will not interfere with rolling up the panels. 

Tips from Experts

Our experts want to help you care for your screen – including the rod pockets. Try these tips to get the most out of your screen and extend life.


Use caution when inserting the rods. If they are cut sharp or jagged, they may catch on the stitching or fibers and tear the material. Sand down the edges or put rubber caps on the ends to prevent damage.
Inserting too much weight on the screen can cause pulling on the adhesive loop or stitching. If you find signs of stretching or tearing, replace your rod with a lighter weight.


When inserting the rod - do not force the rod through. Work slowly and adjust the material if you feel any tension to prevent forceful damage. 

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