Rope and Pull Kits

Rope and Pull Kits

Rope and pull kits can be added to retractable garage screens. These kits create a pulley system that assists in raising garage screens, as well as securing the screen rolls. They can be purchased directly with the Fresh Air Screen, or they can be purchased separately. Rope and pull kits will not interfere with garage mechanisms, or with buckles and straps that may already be on your screen.

The kit you purchase should be determined by the model and size. If you have a Fresh Air Screen that is a size not included in the list, please contact us to find the the right one. 


Small C Kit
Large C Kit
Model C | Small
Fits 8'x7', 9'x7', 9'x8', 10x7'

Kit includes: 
  • 3 mounting brackets
  • 4 eyelets
  • 3 cords (different lengths)
  • 1 cleat
  • 8 wood screws
Model C | LARGE
Fits 10'x8', 16'x7', 16'x8', 18'x7'

Kit includes: 
  • 4 mounting brackets
  • 5 eyelets
  • 4 cords (different lengths)
  • 1 cleat
  • 10 wood screws


Small D Kit
Model D | Small
Fits 8'x7', 9'x7', 9'x8', 10x7'

Kit includes: 
  • 4 mounting brackets
  • 6 eyelets
  • 4 cords (different lengths)
  • 2 cleats
  • 12 wood screws
Large D Kit
Model D | Large
Fits 10'x8', 16'x7', 16'x8', 18x7'

Kit includes: 
  • 6 mounting brackets
  • 8 eyelets
  • 6 cords (different lengths)
  • 2 cleats
  • 16 wood screws


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Do I have to have a Rope and Pull Kit to roll up my screen? 

No. Retractable screens can be purchased without a rope and pull kit. Standard screens come with buckles and straps sewn in to the screen so that you can still roll them up and secure them. Rope and Pull kits make rolling your screen up more convenient. Some people may find rope and pull kits easier to use than the buckles and straps. Buckles and straps make a great alternative for families with young children or curious pets that may get entangled in ropes. If you are unsure which method meets your needs best, talk to our representatives to learn more. 

Can Rope and Pull kits be used on all Fresh Air Screens?  

Fresh Air Screens, Inc. manufactures retractable screens (Model C and Model D) and stationary screens (Model A and Model B). Stationary screens do not roll up, so they do not come with the option for a rope and pull kit. You can compare screens to see which style fits your structure best. *Please note: rope and pull kits are designed by Model and by Size, so they are not interchangeable. Please check your screen details prior to placing your order to ensure the right fit. 

If I bought a retractable screen with Buckles and Straps, can I add a Rope and Pull Kit?

Yes! It is not too late to add a rope and pull kit. Simply buy it separately and install it using the instructions. The buckles and straps will not interfere with a rope and pull kit. You can also remove the rope and pull kit if you need to, when you have the buckles and straps sewn in. *Removing the rope and pull kit is not recommended without buckles and straps, because your screen will not have a way to hold the screen when rolled. 


Installation instructions are available in English and Spanish on corresponding product pages.

For help on installation, warranty, and other information related to this product, please visit our support center. 

WarningThis accessory contains ropes which may pose a hazard for small children. This accessory is optional and removeable for child-proofing purposes. Consider using alternative models that do not contain ropes where children are present. All Rope and Pull kits contain small parts. *Never leave children unattended; keep small parts from children. 

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