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Supporting Special Care Vehicles

Medical and senior transportation businesses are not always appreciated for the services they provide. Elderly people or people experiencing mobile impairments or disabilities lack independence that is easy for other people to take for granted. Securing transportation can be the barrier to receiving medical care and other necessities like groceries, household products, or participating in community events.


Drivers with a Special Purpose

There are many transportation services for seniors and people with mobile impairments, and the companies may vary on the purpose of the ride. Some companies only facilitate transportation to doctors’ offices, medical facilities, emergency care or related organizations. Others may offer transportation to shopping centers, grocery stores, or community events as part of a specialized service provider.

Regardless of their destinations, these companies help connect people with the community around them at a time when independence and connections may be limited. Because of this, we’d like to say a special thank you. A lot of teamwork goes into making these services possible, and we recognize and appreciate the efforts.


Driver Expectations

Drivers who work for emergency medical transportation services may require special licensure and requirements. However, other medical transportation services and home health care/direct service providers may transport people to different places with a standard license and use different kinds of vehicles.

Drivers may require special training for medical concerns or may work closely with caregivers to be ready in case of an emergency. On top of these special accommodations. traffic can be annoying, and medical-related events can be stressful enough, so drivers can make all the difference between a good trip and a bad one.


Vehicle Maintenance

Specialty transportation services such as these may maintain multiple vehicles that are driven by different drivers. It is important for routine care to be done consistently, using the same standards. A checklist can help drivers identify what to look for when performing a standard safety check.



The interior of a vehicle used by a medical or senior service may require specific care to accommodate medical equipment, mobile assistance devices, or to prevent the spread of illnesses for populations that are at higher risk for complications after exposure to contagious viruses.



The exterior of vehicles used for senior and medical transportation is important as well as the area of vehicle access. Besides obvious safety concerns, mobile impairment can create a fall risk for people. Because of this, it is important that vehicle access areas are kept clean and well maintained. Installing screens can keep debris out of walkways and away from vehicle doors to reduce fall hazards from entering the garage or carport area.

Ordering a Commercial Fresh Air Screen

Garage screens like Fresh Air Screens can reduce fall risks in garages and carports used by medical and senior transportation drivers. This can be beneficial for creating safer environments when loading and unloading supporting vehicles because they create a barrier for leaves and other slippery debris.



Because many healthcare-related vehicles require high standards for maintenance, most will utilize a garage, carport, or similar storage. Garage screens are retractable to allow the vehicles to pass through without removing the screens entirely.

Retractable Models

Model D may be most beneficial for medical and senior transportation services because the two panels are separated by three zippers. This allows the entire screen to be raised as a single unit, or for each panel to be isolated and raised separately. Model C is a single panel screen and works well with any kind of garage.



Retractable garage door screens can be used with the traditional buckle and strap system or upgraded with the rope and pull kits. Buckle and straps are recommended for areas with populations at greater risk for fall or entanglement hazards, whereas rope and pull kits might be more convenient for staff if they are not going to be accessed by clients at higher risks for those hazards. If you are unsure about what screen or accessory can enhance your transportation services, email info@freshairscreens.com to connect with a representative. You can discuss specific details to see what fits your staff and clients' needs best.



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