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You might be familiar with garage door screens, but did you know our screens are more than that? Fresh Air Screens® are designed to enhance your home, not just your garage! You can use these screens to enhance your living space and create an atmosphere you will love. Enjoy your workshop, garage or enclosed patio without dust, bugs, and debris causing problems, simply by equipping your home with Fresh Air garage door screens. All you need to do is choose the right screen for the opening you want to protect.

Types of Fresh Air Garage Door Screens

Fresh Air Screens, Inc. has four distinct models of garage door screens to choose from for your home. Although all four can be equipped across any structural opening you wish, the different models provide options to enhance specific areas more conveniently. The four models can fit into two categories, determined by function. Models A and B are non-retractable screens, while models C and D are retractable screens.

  • Non-retractable models work best for areas that do not need to allow vehicle entry. Areas of the home where these screens are ideal would be for enclosed porches or patios. They are not limited there, however, as they can be used for workshops, gazebos and more. These models have a simpler construction that do not have to accommodate vehicles. As a result, they offer excellent coverage and easy access while helping preserve the comfort of your places to work, rest and play.

Model A. Model A does not have a zipper and is convenient for places that do not have foot traffic areas. The large mesh area provides a nice, uninterrupted view to the outside while protecting the area against outdoor elements.

Model B. Model B has 1 zipper that allows entrance to foot traffic areas. This screen is convenient for enclosed porches and patios and provides a beautiful alternative to screen doors.

  • Retractable models are perfectly suited for entrances that allow vehicles through. Each are equipped with manually retractable mechanisms that allow for easy entrance and exit. Both standard models are equipped with buckles and straps for your convenience to keep the screen in place when rolled up. Retractable models can be accessorized with a rope and pull kit that enhances the function, making them even more convenient than ever.

Model C. Model C has 2 zippers located at each side the screen that allow you to raise the entire screen with ease.

Model D. Model D, with three zippers, gives you the option to raise half the screen or all of it at once. This is perfect for garages that double as a work area, as you can conveniently move a vehicle in and out of the garage by raising the entire screen or move yard equipment in and out of the garage without exposing the entire area.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Screen

  • Ventilation. Do you have a stuffy garage or workshop that you would like to open up? Take advantage of our garage door screens, porch screens, and workshop screens. Our screens allow airflow into your space so you can continue working without having to worry about breathing clean air. This is not only great for you and your family but can be beneficial to pets as well.
  • Protection. All screens are made with a netted mesh material that blocks out bugs, leaves, and other debris. With a quality patio screen, you can keep bugs and dust out of your airspace while hanging out in the garage or relaxing on your porch. You can also keep your projects from getting contaminated while drying or curing in your workshop. Their quality materials and construction help ensure the porch and garage door screens look fantastic and unobtrusive when installed.
  • Privacy. Enjoy your view from inside your extended living area, without worrying about everyone easily seeing into the garage or enclosed porch. Our quality, charcoal mesh material can keep your area looking nice and open without completely exposing the interior.

How to Select the Best Fresh Air Garage Door Screen

When you buy the right type and size, Fresh Air Screens can open your living space while protecting your home from the elements that threaten to come in as you let in the fresh air. Selecting the best porch screen or garage screen for you is almost as simple as reflecting on your preferences and the way you use the area you intend to protect.

Structurally, all models are similar. They are all built with quality materials, such as sturdy, charcoal mesh material, and are applied to the structure using a quality hook and loop system. All models provide some level of ventilation and privacy and protection against certain elements.

Each model has a unique function, giving you more options to extend your living space with. When choosing your screen, consider the type and volume of traffic the area will receive. For foot traffic, non-retractable models such as Models A or B are more convenient. For vehicle traffic, retractable models such as Models C and D are more efficient. Don’t forget that accessories are available to enhance your model.

Once you determine which Fresh Air Screen® can work best for you, you can focus on finding the right size. Thankfully, this process is much less subjective, as you just need to measure the opening you want to cover with the screen. When you take a measured approach to select the right screen type and size, you can enjoy the benefits of having these large structural openings secured against dust, debris and, bugs.


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