Buckles and Straps

When it comes to garage door screens, nothing makes the garage more accessible than a roll-up Fresh Air Screen! We have discussed in previous blogs what makes this feature available on screens. If you need a refresher, read about retractable screens here. But once you roll it up, what do you do with it?
Unless you have purchased a screen with a rope and pull kit, you should see buckles and straps at the top of your screen. Smaller screens can have three sets of buckles and straps, while larger screens can have as many as six. These will hold your screen bundle secure as you can go about your day.

The Difference is Dependable

The buckles are made from dense plastic material, strong enough to handle heavy loads. The plastic side release buckles allow a single-handed release with ease while preventing accidental slips. The double braided nylon straps are 1 inch wide and are sewn securely to the screen. They will last for years, and although we do not suggest using them for any other purpose than holding your screen, they are tough enough to handle greater weights.

Safety and Accessibility

Buckles and straps are safe and easy for almost everyone to use. The side buckles allow a safe release using only one hand, so you are free to hold the screen-roll as you snap them together.
Unlike screens with rope and pull kits, there is no additional installation or hardware required. Garages made with uncommon materials or housing requirements can still use these screens using the traditional hook and loop (Velcro) method. The design also improves accessibility for people who may not be able to complete the installation process for rope and pull kits due to physical limitations or disabilities. 
The Buckle and Strap system is also an alternative for families who have small children or pets who may become entangled in the ropes from the Rope and Pull kits. The buckles and straps are high enough that small children will not be able to reach them under normal circumstances.

Screens Featuring Buckles and Straps

Please remember, stationary screens (Model A and Model B) do not have buckles and straps because they are not necessary for screens that do not roll-up. If you order your screen with a rope and pull kit, your screen will not have the buckles and straps at the top unless otherwise requested. If you have questions about what your order came with, contact us!

Model C – The Two-Zippered Classic

This screen is the original Fresh Air Screen, featuring two zippers and a single panel. You can purchase these buckled beauties at both Home Depot and Lowes by visiting their websites.

Model D – The One with Two Screens

This double-paneled screen features three zippers to enhance two-car garages. The design allows the screen to be raised as a single unit, or as separate units so that you don’t have to expose the entire garage. These are available online through Home Depot.


Alternatives for Retractable Screens

Buckles and Straps are the classic go-to for rolling and securing Fresh Air Screens. However, sometimes it might be in the user’s best interest to upgrade to a Rope and Pull kit. If the screen owner is unable to reach above their heads due to a physical limitation or disability, or when the screen is used frequently by drivers, such as in a commercial garage, they may want to try the Rope and Pull kit.
Since Rope and Pull kits can be added or removed at any time, a screen owner can try both systems or even switch back and forth. Just make sure you have the buckles and straps included at the time of purchase. Although Rope and Pull kits can be installed after purchase, the Buckle and Strap system does not have the same freedom. They are sewn into the screen during the manufacturing process.  

What Customers Want to Know

Q. I want to order a screen, but I don’t know if I want buckles and straps or a rope and pull kit.  
A. If you are unsure, order the screen with the buckles and straps. If you change your mind later, you can buy the rope and pull kit separately later. They will not interfere with each other.   
Q. I ordered a rope and pull kit, but I recently moved and can’t use the rope and pull kit. 
A. Rope and pull kits are removable. If you have the buckles and straps at the top of your screen, you will still be able to roll the screen up and secure them after removing the rope and pull kit.    
Q. Why does my screen not have buckles and straps? 
A. If you ordered a screen model that already includes the rope and pull kit, then it will not have buckles and straps. This is for aesthetic purposes only, as some people do not want both systems showing.
Q. What do I do if I want both systems?  
A. You can order both products (screen and Rope and pull kit) as separate items on your order. Or purchase your screen as a model including the rope and pull kit and contact us with order details to let us know you want to keep the buckles and straps.
Q. Can I replace the buckles and straps?
A. Because the buckles and straps are applied during the manufacturing of the screen, we do not provide them as replacements. However, if you should have the rare occasion that a buckle and strap is not performing as designed, please contact us and we can assist you directly.
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