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Retractable screens were a game-changer for garages across America. Garages were originally thought to just be a storage area for cars. They are often perceived as being smelly, dirty, full of bugs, and generally uncomfortable. As it turns out, your garage doesn't have to hold up to its ugly reputation, even if you use it for its original purpose of storing vehicles.

Retractable screens allow the garage to be aired out and protected from bugs, leaves, and other outdoor elements that can make it gross. Fresh Air Screens, Inc. became a world leader in retractable screens for a few different reasons. The screens are flexible and easy to install. They are versatile and can be used pretty much anywhere. Their convenient, roll-up design makes them ideal for carports, garages, barns and more.

Types of Retractable Screens

Not every garage or carport is the same. They come in all shapes and sizes and are used for a variety of reasons. Fresh Air Screens, Inc. recognized that garage door screens must be versatile and flexible to allow it to function at its best. In addition to the two roll-up models, Fresh Air Screens, Inc. also provides special accessories to further enhance the roll-up feature!

Model CModel C

This one paneled screen is the original Fresh Air Screen. The garage door screen features two zippers, one on each side of the screen. The idea behind this screen was to allow the garage to be successfully screened in but still allow a car to pass through without having to remove the entire application.


Model C-RPModel C-RP

Like the original model C, this garage screen features two zippers to allow the screen to roll up conveniently. However, this screen comes with a special upgrade so that you don't have to roll the screen by hand and buckle it into straps. Instead, a specially designed pulley system allows you to roll the screen with ease and secure the bundle at the top using ropes and a cleat. 

Model DModel D

Two-car garages sometimes require a different screening solution. Model C only has one panel, so while it may be large enough to cover a two-car garage, you may not want to expose both sides to outdoors just to allow one vehicle through at a time. But do you really want to purchase two individual screens? Well, you can, if you want too or you can save time and money by purchasing a Model D screen. This one screen features two panels separated by a third zipper. You can raise the entire screen at once just like model C, or you can pick a side to raise while keeping the other side covered.

Model D-RPModel D-RP

The model D can also be upgraded to include a rope and pull kit. This pulley system preserves the model's ability to use the double pane screen as a single unit or isolate the individual sides. The installation is simple and requires only the basic hardware that is provided in the kit. 



There is no reason to remove or uninstall Fresh Air Screens to roll them up if the screen is retractable. But what you do with the screen after you’ve rolled it up depends on the accessory that is paired with your Fresh Air Screen. There are a couple of options available based on how you want to roll the screen up and secure it in that position.


Buckles and Straps

Short, nylon straps with heavy-duty buckles create a simple system that holds up your screen up after it has been manually rolled into place. Unless otherwise upgraded with a rope and pull kit, they are the standard system for your Fresh Air Screen. This system is built into the screen during production, so you do not have to do anything special for it during installation. To use the buckles and straps, simply unzip the screen, roll it up by hand, and secure the straps around it using the buckles.


Rope and Pull Kit

Rope and pull kits contain everything you need to put together a convenient pulley system for your screen. You can raise and lower the screen panels using the rope and you can also secure the bundle at the top of the screen by winding the rope around the cleat. The pulley systems do not interfere with other garage mechanisms, or even with buckles and straps. So, if you purchased either model with buckles and straps but change your mind, you can buy the rope and kit separately and add it to the screen you already have. You do not have to replace the entire screen. 


What Customers Really Want to Know

  • I ordered an upgraded garage door screen kit with a rope and pull kit. Can I remove the rope and pull kit and add buckles and straps?
The rope and pull kit can be removed anytime. However, if you did not request the buckles and straps to be left on, they cannot be added after production. This system is sewn into the screen during the manufacturing process. When ordering a screen with a rope and pull kit, you can request to have the buckles and straps included.
  • Do I have to remove a Fresh Air Screen to drive a car in or out of my garage?
If you purchase one of these retractable models, you do not have to remove your screen for vehicle traffic. They won’t interfere with your garage door if it is installed properly.
  • Can I install my garage door screen on the inside of my garage?
No. Fresh Air Screens are guaranteed to allow car entry without interfering with garage door mechanisms only when installed as instructed. This design allows for the garage door screen to be installed on the outside of the garage, in front of the weather-strip.


Tips from Our Production Experts

Our production team has some helpful tips for your investment.


Thoughts on Installation

Fresh Air Screens are designed to be installed on the outside of the garage, in front of the weather-strip. They will not interfere with garage door mechanisms if installed and rolled-up properly.

To roll up a garage door screen without interfering with other mechanisms, roll the screen forward from the garage. The bundle will sit forward of the weather-strip if it has been rolled forward, preventing interference.


Thoughts on Accessories

Buckles and Straps and Rope and Pull kits will both effectively hold your garage door screen. To decide which will work best for you, consider your lifestyle first. Rope and Pull kits offer convenience because rolling them up may be faster and physically easier than rolling the screen by hand. This provides a great solution for people who spend a lot of time in their garage or have repurposed their garage in a unique garage conversion.

Rope and pull kits have long ropes, a safety consideration for people who have small children or curious animals. In these cases, the buckles and straps may provide a safer and more convenient alternative. If you are unsure of which one works best for you, try the straps and buckles first, you can order the model with a rope and pull kit, and request to keep the buckles and straps, so you can add or remove features as needed. 

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