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Does Your Commercial Warehouse Need a Retractable Fresh Air Screen?

No matter what type of business you run, having the right tools can help efficiency and help your business thrive. Even the simplest product can provide many useful benefits. One of those products we’ll be discussing today is a retractable screen door for your warehouse bay doors.

While businesses don’t realize it, these products can provide many advantages. From helping efficiency to offering protection for your warehouse personnel, merchandise, and equipment. Many warehouse operation managers are starting to notice all of the amazing things these door screens can do.

In this post, we’ll discuss the many benefits of retractable screen doors, including how Fresh Air Screens, Inc. provides the best screen door products in the country.

Benefits of Warehouse Screens

Have you ever heard of a screen door for your warehouse? While you’ve probably heard about these doors being utilized for residential garages and patios, they can also be very effective for commercial warehouses. Take a look at the many benefits they provide:

Keeps Out Insects

While your warehouse doors may be open all day, that might lead to serious insect problems. And once these insects make a routine to infiltrate your commercial warehouse, you could have thousands of bugs causing many issues. That could lead to expensive exterminator services and a lot of unwanted stress. But when you utilize a retractable screen door, you can keep those bugs at bay without any disruptions to the flow of your business!

Brings in Light

If you’re stuck inside a warehouse all day, then you may start to feel a little gloomy with the lack of sunlight. Studies show that being out in the sun provides many health benefits, but with long workdays stuck indoors, that limits the time you spend in the great outdoors—not to mention the useful sunlight pouring inside. When a retractable screen door is used, you can let in that beautiful light and soak in the sunshine!


Bring in the Fresh Air

Another benefit of these amazing warehouse screen doors is that they help to bring in the fresh air of the outdoors. And not only does that provide refreshing air for your employees, but it can also limit the money you spend on running your air conditioner or heater. So instead of keeping those warehouse doors closed until you need them, you can now leave them open, experience the cool breeze, and save money on your energy bills.


Say Goodbye to Pests

Warehouses provide many dark corners to attract pests like insects and small animals. They like to find places they think they can hide in, to shelter them from outdoor elements. Commercial door screens deter pests from making your warehouse their personal habitat, while at the same time, providing additional shelter against the same elements for your employees.


Keeps Out Leaves and Debris

Another downside of leaving open your warehouse doors all day involves leaves and other debris blowing inside. This can cause an uncomfortable work environment, and require extra cleaning and maintenance, especially if your warehouse is located near a local farm or location with similar debris. How much time and resources do you currently spend on cleaning your warehouse after leaving your warehouse doors open?

An Industrial Sized Advantage

Right now, you are probably thinking industrial screens are a huge investment and would take a lot of resources to install them. Fresh Air Screens are affordable, and there is no upcharge for commercial screens. The installation does not require any changes to your structure, so installation is fast and easy. You won’t have to hire professionals. They will not interfere with any functions, including door mechanisms, security functions, etc. They won’t take a lot of time out of your workday, and maintenance is easy enough to be an afterthought. All of our quality work is backed by a 1-year-warranty, even for custom and commercial size screens.

Commercial Door Screens at Fresh Air Screens, Inc.

Fresh Air Screens has several options for your warehouse. Warehouse door screens are ideal for many facilities, including:

  • Food and Beverage Processing
  • Packaging
  • General Manufacturing
  • Paper Processing
  • Farming
  • Garages and mechanics
  • Hotels


For industrial and commercial use, we recommend using retractable screens. This allows you and your employees to raise and lower the screen whenever you want. They are made with high-quality fiberglass mesh and nylon finish, giving you a dependable product you can trust.

Bonus! These screens are also compatible with our Rope and Pull kit. This kit has everything you need to create a convenient pulley system that is perfect for your commercial or industrial use screen.

Model C Screens

Our Model C screen is perfect for your commercial business. It is the classic “roll-up” screen featuring two heavy-duty zippers. It’s basic design blends in with any business or industrial setting, making it a no-fuss, all-win solution for manufacturing, farming, restaurant, packing industries and more!

Model D Screens

The Model D Screen has the function of all our screens and more wrapped into one great design. This model was created with double garages specifically in mind. With this brilliant model, you can utilize two distinct panels as one screen by rolling it all up and down at once, or use each panel separately as it’s own screen by rolling one side or the other at a time. This allows two-car garages or multi-purpose warehouses to control the different sides or sections of their facility.



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