Model C  - Retractable

This retractable (roll-up) model features two zippers, one on each end of the screen. Roll your screen manually and secure it using buckles and straps or pair it with an innovative but simple rope and pull system to quickly allow vehicle access into the garage. This model is the one that started it all. It is the original Fresh Air Screen and boasts the same, uninterrupted view as Model A with the additional convenience of passageway in and out by any mode of transportation.

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Installing a Rope and Pull kit? 


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  • 2 Zipper

  • Charcoal-colored nylon material

  • Easy installation

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Can This Model Roll Up?
Yes. This screen is designed to roll up. It features 2 zippers , 1 on each side, creating a retraction feature. While this screen can be used on any large structural opening, it pairs especially well with areas that will allow vehicular traffic. Try adding a rope and pull kit for an even more convenient experience

What is a rope and pull kit, and do I have to have one? 

This model is designed with a retraction feature using a zipper arrangement. It can be rolled up by hand and secured using a buckle and strap system, OR, you can upgrade your system from a buckle and strap system to a screen kit with a rope and pull kit. This kit contains everything you need to put together a convenient pulley system. With this rope and pull kit, you can roll up your screen simply by pulling the rope, then wrap the cord around a cleat to secure it in place.

Rope and Pull Kit
This kit contains everything you need to create the perfect pulley system for your screen. 

Model C viewed with a Rope and Pull Kit Installed

Model C | Small
Fits 8'x7', 9'x7', 9'x8', 10x7'

Kit includes: 
  • 3 mounting brackets
  • 4 eyelets
  • 3 cords (different lengths)
  • 1 cleat
  • 8 wood screws
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Model C | Large
Fits 10'x8', 16'x7', 16'x8', 18x7'

Kit includes: 
  • 4 mounting brackets
  • 5 eyelets
  • 4 cords (different lengths)
  • 1 cleat
  • 10 wood screws
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"I have a 2 car garage converted into a wood shop. I like working with both doors wide open. But in the Summer its almost impossible to work in the shop because of the swarm of mosquitos constantly nipping at me while I'm trying to work. Since installing the Garage Door Screen I have been able to work even into the evening with out being eaten alive. The Screen is very easy to install and feels and looks like a quality product. The zippers are very easy to open and the screen is easy to roll up. I'm planning on ordering another one for the other door."
- Home Depot Customer
"Easy to put up. Directions are straight forward. My dogs and I are loving it. No more flying insects. I'm a 67 year old female. If I could put it up, you can too."
- Lowes Customer

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