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Thinking of Expanding Your Home’s Entertainment Area?

Enclose Your Patio with a Fresh Air Screen

Do you love your outdoor space, but you find it impossible to spend more time there? Adverse weather conditions and bugs could prevent you from getting the most out of your home’s outdoor space. Enclosing your patio with a screen from Fresh Air Screen not only protects you from the elements but also increases your living space. Enclosed patios or screen rooms make a perfect entertainment area.

What is a screen room?

Also referred to as a screened-in patio or porch, a screen room is an outdoor living space that is enclosed with screens and has a roof. Screened-in patios are normally built using builder-grade aluminum or other materials with similar features. In most cases, the screens are almost transparent. Screen rooms blur the line between the outdoors and indoors. For people who like to entertain such spaces are perfect. Also, you will not be hindered from holding your outdoor party due to hostile weather conditions.

As the walls are merely a mesh, you will have little protection against the outdoor temperatures. However, you can wire your screen room for electricity thus increasing its functionality. A screen room which is wired for electricity can be cooled and heated just like your indoor space.

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Fun ways to use your screened-in patio

A screened-in patio gives you a perfect place to entertain guests. Some of the fun ways you can use it include:

  • Birthday parties. Enjoy planning your child’s birthday party with extra space, regardless of the weather. On a sunny day, you can easily let the children play outside and reserve the patio enclosure for cakes and gifts. On gloomy days, use the enclosed porch as an extra play area.
  • Summer parties. Enclosing your porch can open up your home to delicious barbeques with your friends. By enclosing the porch and running electricity to it, you can add special entertainment features, such a mini-fridge, and even a TV or projector. The Super Bowl just got a lot better!
  • Holiday Events. Extend your space for holiday events and family reunions. Invite more without feeling crowded. With a screened-in porch, more really can be merrier!

Types of screen rooms

Depending on your requirements and your home’s architectural style, there are different types of screen rooms you can choose from including under-truss screen rooms and screen rooms with screen roofs. Often, screen rooms with screen roofs require a permit and is usually require additional architectural considerations because the roof is not part of the home.

The most common screen room is the under-truss screen room. It is very economical and easy to build because it is using a part of your home that is already built. The screen room is fully supported by the structure of your home. All it requires to transition into a screen room are screens, such as Fresh Air Screens.

While every Fresh Air Screen model can be used to create an under-truss screen room, model A and Model B were designed with this kind of project in mind. Design your screen room with no hassle using Fresh Air Screens that do not require hardware for installation. These stationary screens provide a fantastic view to the outside while protecting your porch from many elements of the outdoors. Model B features a center zipper, allowing people indoor/outdoor access at their convenience.

Advantages of Adding Patio Screens

Apart from providing you with a seamless connection between the indoors and the outdoor space, enclosing your patio has the following benefits:

  • Value of the home: Adding a patio enclosure is an ideal way of improving your property’s curb appeal. Most potential homeowners view an enclosed porch or patio as an additional living space. This provides you with a better return on the investment should you decide to put up your home for sale.
  • Year-round use: No matter the weather outside, a patio enclosure enables you to enjoy the outdoors. It provides you with a comfortable transition from indoor activities to an outdoor living area where you can entertain guests.
  • Outdoor furniture protection: You may have probably purchased outdoor furniture and invested in outdoor décor. A patio enclosure is an effective way of protecting such investments from harmful elements, such as UV rays, mold, and mildew. A patio enclosure also keeps dirt, dust, pollen, and animal droppings from the airspace in your outdoor space.
  • Bug and pest prevention: Insects such as mosquitoes, bees, flies, and other critters can keep you from enjoying the outdoors. With a patio enclosure, you’ll enjoy the outdoors without worrying about pesky pests.
  • Additional privacy: Enclosing your outdoor space adds to its privacy and security. You can comfortably enjoy your extended living area without worrying about the invasion of your privacy.

The Model A and Model B porch screens from Fresh Air Screens are perfect for your patio. The first model has no zippers thus it provides you with uninterrupted views of the outdoors. Model B has one zipper that serves as an entrance to your outdoor space. We deal in quality garage door screens with products you can trust. Contact us today and share your project ideas with us! We can help answer all of your questions and help you find the model that will fit your structure best.



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