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There is something special about eating outdoors. When comfort food and nature collide, it’s more like feeding your soul. Often the experience is more memorable and might be associated with traveling, celebrations, or even a quiet date. Restaurants and cafes that offer outdoor dining understand that. They work hard to create an ambiance that reflects this idea. If you work for such a location, you may have even noticed subtle differences in customer choices and responses when they eat outdoors versus indoors.


Fresh Air Screens in a Café or Restaurant Setting

Because this dining experience is located outdoors, there are a set of elements that do not occur in an indoor dining area. This can make it tricky for restaurant staff to balance a consistent dining experience for their customers. Fresh Air Screens can support a dining patio setting while helping to balance those elements with little effort from staff. Here are just a few ways a Fresh Air Screen can add value to your customer’s dining experience.



Lighting in an outdoor café or diner patio can be trickier to control because the sun is consistently moving. The afternoon sun may be bright and hot then fade to a comfortable glow later. On the other hand, depending on how the patio is arranged, an evening sun may cause a glare. But sunlight is part of the natural décor many diners are looking for. It is one of the reasons diners choose outdoor meals rather than eating inside. Use a Fresh Air Screen to help control lighting without sacrificing sunlight altogether. It offers shade with its 18/16 mesh weave but doesn’t block it out entirely like shutters.



Adding a Fresh Air Screen can add some privacy to quiet dining without completely separating diners from the outside like a wall. Allowing your customers to enjoy the best of both worlds can enhance their dining experience. Eating is often described as a personal and social experience, so this creates an atmosphere where diners can enjoy the open doors without feeling overly exposed to passers-by.


The Patio Breeze

It’s comforting to feel a light breeze while sipping on tea with friends, but it’s not as pleasant to have something (a bug or a napkin) land on a plate. If you’ve worked or dined in a similar setting at any time in your life, you know it’s true. It happens, because it’s nature. The easiest solution is to put up a barrier that doesn’t block the flow of the air but does help filter the effects. A Fresh Air Screen allows air to come through but prevents the wind from carrying things into the dining area with it.



Keeping bugs under control inside a restaurant is crucial! Nothing spoils a good dinner and good reviews like a bug, but what happens when one hangs around a café? It’s annoying and still gross, but it can be a lot harder to control. Staff and customers do not need to focus on keeping bugs out of food if they are prevented from coming into the area in the first place.


Ordering a Commercial Fresh Air Screen

There’s a lot of elements that are associated with outdoor dining. It’s a lot for servers to deal with when their attention should be on the customers and a lot for restaurant owners and managers to consider. Rather than consider multiple solutions for each problem and investing thousands of dollars to control various elements, consider keeping the solution as simple as possible. It’s not multiple elements, really. It’s just one – nature. Fresh Air Screens was designed to help blend indoor activities with the outdoor experience, so we’ve made the solution as simple as possible.

Installation is fast and does not require structural change. This means you can upgrade your dining experience without losing any business in the process. Simply install it at your convenience around dining hours and your customers can immediately experience the difference.

Many customers ask about the Fresh Air Screens design and how it fits with their decor. All Fresh Air Screens have a subtle design that blends in with any décor. They are charcoal black in color. The screen panel features an 18/16 mesh weave giving it subtle transparency.



For commercial screens for patio dining experiences, we recommend using non-retractable screens. These screens have been successful in patio designs across the nation in both commercial and residential settings. They are designed specifically in locations that don’t have a heavy traffic volume.

Model A Screens

The Model A screen is perfect for patio dining businesses such as restaurants, bistros, and cafes. The panel is seamless, offering a non-interrupted view of the outdoors. It does not require a lot of extra attention, as it is the perfect stationary solution.


Model B Screens

The Model B screen features a center zipper and is great for outdoor dining events, catering, private dining areas and more. This center zipper allows foot traffic, so it is perfect for allowing guests or servers to a certain section or area with ease.


We also offer models that have a retractable feature. This feature allows the screen to be raised and lowered whenever it is convenient. These screens are installed just like the recommended models. For commercially used retractable models, we highly recommend adding a rope and pull kit for additional convenience.

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