Model B

1 Zipper, Stationary

Walk into a better view with this non-retractable screen featuring a center zipper. This screen allows you to welcome guests to an outdoor dinner or party without being interrupted by bugs. Turn your garage quickly into a workshop, den, or outdoor living area without extreme structural changes. 

Kit Includes

  • 1 Fresh Air Screen
  • 1 Adhesive Loop Roll
  • Printed Instructions in English


  • 1 Zipper (Stationary)
  • 18/16 Fiberglass Mesh
  • Charcoal-Black Nylon Finish


Model B Mesh

Enhances Flexibility
Light Weight
Soft Aesthetics

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Model B, Vinyl


Enhances Stability
Heavy Weight
Bold Aesthetics

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Home Depot Reviews Model D
"This is the second garage door screen I have had, the first was a cheap $30.00 screen that tore up in a couple of months. This screen is very well made, strong and durable. The botton (which is what tore on the other screen) is very thick. The zipper is dual sided, so you can zip it up while in the garage, keeping out bugs and insects."

- Home Depot Customer


Can This Model Roll Up?

No. This screen is not designed to roll up. It has a center zipper that creates a walkthrough entrance. The opening is large, so small vehicles and machinery can still pass through with ease, making them great for storage units, sheds, and more. Check out these ideas for more inspiration
           Model B Shown Open


How Do I Care For This Screen? 

No special maintenance is required. Leave it up year-round or store it when the seasons change, but don't store it in extreme temperatures or with moisture as this can affect the quality of the screen. For more information, visit our Support Center


For warranty and other information related to this product, please visit our support center. 


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