Model B  - Non-retractable

Walk into a better view with this non-retractable screen featuring a center zipper. This screen allows you to welcome guests to an outdoor dinner or party without being interrupted by bugs. Turn your garage quickly into a workshop, den, or outdoor living area without extreme structural changes.


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  • 1 Zipper

  • Charcoal-colored nylon material

  • Easy installation

  • FedEx Ground Shipping (5-7 business days to ship)

American-made quality and 100% money back guarantee!


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Can This Model Roll Up?
No. This screen is not designed to roll up and does not feature zippers. While it can be used on any large openings, it pairs especially well with areas that do not have foot or vehicle traffic. Try using this screen with a porch or patio, or for a garage conversion project.


How Do I Care For This Screen? 
Caring for this screen is easy. Your kit includes everything required to enjoy fresh air in your extended living space. You may include a weighted rod like a pvc pipe (recommended) into the rod pocket at the bottom of the screen. Wash with soapy water and let dry thoroughly. Leave it up year-round or store it when the seasons change, but don't store it in extreme temperatures or with moisture as this can affect the quality of the screen.  No special maintenance is required.





"This is the second garage door screen I have had, the first was a cheap $30.00 screen that tore up in a couple months. This screen is very well made, strong and durable. The bottom (wich is what tore on the other screen) is very thick. The zipper is dual sidded, so you can zip it up while in the garage, keeping out bugs and insects." 
- Home Depot Customer

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