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Professional garages are available to keep your vehicle in running shape. They are equipped with special tools and populated by mechanics who may actually know more about your car than you do. (Or not… we’ve all encountered that one mechanic who doesn’t know the difference between a spark plug and camshaft any more than a young driver who accidentally tries to insert a diesel fuel pump into a Prius then wonders why the nozzle won’t fit.) No judgment… I sell garage screens, not auto parts.

The point is well-equipped garages with knowledgeable mechanics can be a relief to drivers who may otherwise be stranded with a broken-down vehicle. The right resources and training can mean the difference between a Ford that is “Found on Road Disabled” and a Ford that is “First on Race Day.” It’s great to know there are garages you can entrust your keys to and feel like you are getting a new vehicle when the keys are returned.


The Professional Life of a Mechanic

Truthfully, mechanics have a fascinating, but an often ambiguous career. Their training can vary, which is why drivers might receive conflicting answers when searching for auto repairs. Training can be limited to on the job application or maybe more complex and be rewarded with an ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification. Training may include comprehensive skills for specific brands and models or include a variety of skills for a wide range of vehicles.

Mechanics are often able to diagnose and troubleshoot a wide range of issues, from mechanical issues or issues with the electrical systems in new models. It takes physical strength and mental aptitude to be able to successfully manage a career in auto mechanics. In addition to all these skills, mechanics must also polish their people skills, because they are often expected to provide customer service as well!


Viewing the Professional Garage

In general, garages used for vehicle purposes can smell and look dirty. In the rough world of professional mechanics, these issues can be magnified by the number of vehicles and problems they encounter. There is a myriad of specialized tools, equipment, fluids, and parts that are moved, shifted, dropped, spilled, and used daily. These garages might be too cold on some days, too hot on others, and create some uncomfortable working conditions that mechanics seem to prepare for better than the average vehicle owner.

There are many advantages to the professional garage, however, despite their initial appearances. Professional garages often feature lifts or dropped floors that are not seen in residential garages. This allows mechanics to reach areas in vehicles that generally are inaccessible. They also usually feature extra space, allowing for specialized equipment, parts, or even multiple vehicles for simultaneous repairs.

The layout of professional garages may make certain safety issues more imperative than standard residential garages. Fall hazards may be increased due to oil or fluid spills, dropped floors, or the constant change in equipment placement. This makes it imperative that mechanics pay special attention to their surroundings and take special precautions to clean and maintain their work areas.


Enhancing Professional Garages

Garage screen models are built specifically to address issues faced by garages. Built for both residential and commercial garages, Fresh Air Screens can solve problems mechanics are challenged with on a daily basis.



Professional garages are bombarded with fumes from gas, diesel, and other sources all the time. These fumes can be a health hazard if not properly ventilated, as they can cause breathing issues, Long term exposure to these fumes can cause gasoline poisoning or carbon monoxide poisoning. Because of this, mechanics must be able to raise their garage doors allowing clean air to push these toxic fumes out. Of course, when you are letting fumes out, you must be careful about what you let in.



While it is true Fresh Air Screens do not make security fences, they do make great barriers to leaves, trash, bugs and small creatures that might otherwise interfere with a successful workday. These intruders can create fall hazards, or even get into car parts, equipment, or fluids used by mechanics. Screens can also be used as a polite and professional barrier to customers without confining mechanics to a stuffy and unsafe work environment.


Ordering a Commercial Fresh Air Screen

Fresh Air Screens offers two models of garage screens that can offer great convenience and function for professional mechanics. They are available in 8 standard garage door sizes, but professional garages often are built with custom sizes and door features. Representatives are available to help you create the custom Fresh Air Screen to fit right!



Fresh Air Screens, Inc. began with garage door screens, specifically. This means you have access to quality products built on experience; with designs that you can trust. If you thought that installing garage screens meant large investments and complicated construction, think again! We have solutions available for immediate results without the hassle.


Retractable Screens

Garage door screens must be retractable, to allow vehicle entry. This allows mechanics to raise and lower the screen panel without removing the whole screen. As stated earlier, two models are available with this retractable feature, model C, and model D. Model C features a single panel with two side zippers to create the perfect roll-up feature. Model D features two panels with three zippers, perfect for wider garages. With the Model D, mechanics can easily raise the entire screen as a single panel unit or isolate each side at a time.



For mechanics who work busy hours, we recommend pairing retractable Fresh Air Screens with a convenient rope and pull kit. These kits contain everything required to make a pulley system to operate the retraction feature of the Fresh Air Screens, without the need for buckles and straps, or step stools. Simply pull the rope to roll the screen up, then wrap the cord around the cleat to secure it once it is rolled. This accessory makes the screens more convenient for busy work hours.

If you are unsure about what screen or accessory can enhance a professional garage, please email to connect with a representative. You can discuss specific details to see what fits your garage best.


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