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We encounter professional drivers every day – whether we are using rideshare services or ordering our favorite food for lunch at work. Studies show that delivery services expanded greatly in 2020 due to the pandemic. Due to the increase in professional drivers, etiquette is changing as well. We will cover some of these, as we want to show our drivers that we are grateful for the services they provide. Hopefully, this will also encourage professional drivers as they deal with the general public in not so general situations.  




Ask if your passenger has ever used a rideshare service before. If they have not, then they might be anxious about what to expect or how to handle the ride. Common questions like where they should sit during the ride can leave many people feeling overwhelmed. You can reduce that pressure by asking this question followed by a simple explanation of what they can expect. Keep it friendly and simple.

Be direct. Give the customer-specific details on how to recognize you and your car when you approach. When the customer gives directions, repeat them back with simple but specific details. This mirroring approach can help avoid confusion and let the customer know you are on your way. Briefly let them know if there are additional complements (such as an available phone charger or music).


Thank the driver. This basic etiquette is probably the most valuable thing you can do as a passenger, but sadly it is often forgotten. Even the video game industry recognized this courtesy when a popular game included a feature where gamers could thank the bus driver. Although there are no advantages or consequences in the game for using or ignoring this feature, players have adopted it as a kind of measure to judge the skills of other players. In short, even they agree - thank the (bus) driver. 

If you don’t know, ask. If you are unsure of where to sit or what to do, ask the driver. They don’t care if you ask, but they might care if you assume. Unanswered questions can create an uncomfortable ride, which can lead to miscommunication, poor experience, or low ratings.



Keep your car clean and well maintained. Not only is the condition of your vehicle a reflection on the driver, but it also represents the company. If the delivery car is a mess – then will the business be a mess too? This is especially important for food delivery services, so if you plan on driving for Grub Hub, keep that in mind.

If you cannot personally hand the package to the person who ordered it, leave it in a safe spot that is easy to find. Do not leave it sitting on the part of the porch that always gets rained on. Instead, find a dry area that is out of sight, and the note where the package was left so the customer can find it.

If you are delivering for a business, find out who the contact is and leave the package or location of the package with them. This is especially important when the offices have multiple departments and teams.


Be ready for the delivery. If you are unable to receive the delivery, arrange for someone else to help out, or make arrangements with the driver to leave it at a designated location.  

Although mentioned earlier, this is worth repeating. Tell the delivery driver thank you. Tipping is not the same thing, and although the driver appreciates it, a simple thank you will add sincerity. 

Only discuss delivery-related issues. If your delivery was late or crushed, you might want to ask the driver what happened. But if there is an issue with the order itself or billing, you need to call the business number. The driver does not know any more about the order other than where to take it, but he does have other places to be.

Fresh Air Screens for Professional Drivers

For drivers, cars are important, and we want to help you protect your investments. Pests and debris can turn your business into a nightmare, but with the proper tools, you can prevent those from happening. Get started by adding a Fresh Air Screen to your garage or carport.

Retractable Screens

Drivers benefit most from retractable screens, which were designed for garages. Model C is a classic design with two zippers, which meets the best standards for single garages and carports. For double garages, the three zippered Model D might be more suitable as two panels can be operated as a single unit or separately.


For drivers who are on the road a lot, we recommend pairing retractable Fresh Air Screens with a convenient rope and pull kit. These kits contain everything required to make a pulley system to operate the retraction feature of the Fresh Air Screens, without the need for buckles and straps, or step stools.


If you are unsure about what screen or accessory can enhance a professional garage, please email to connect with a representative. You can discuss specific details to see what fits your garage best.


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